Chad heads into Marlena’s office just as the Necktie Killer is in the midst of strangling Marlena. He sees Chad and runs out the door, leaving the red tie behind. Chad grabs it and wakens Marlena. She screams, thinking he tried to kill her. She passes out. Nearby, Rafe makes a call to tell someone he’s following up with Marlena on his investigation. Chad rushes out of Marlena’s office and a beat later, Rafe arrives. He swears and calls it in to SPD and starts yelling for help. Later, Marlena’s in a private room. Daniel explains to John that the pressure on her carotid artery caused her to pass out and when she fell she hit her head. Rafe arrives and Daniel tells them she’ll be fine. She awakens and tells them she saw him. “It was Chad.” John goes mental and wants to kill him. Rafe calms him down. It has to be done by the book. The cops are on this. John says, “The DiMeras learn escape routes with their ABCs.” Rafe refuses John to go rogue so John insists they do this together then, with the law on their side. In Marlena’s room, Daniel promises she’s safe there – there’s a guard outside her room.  Marlena falls asleep and sees the killer in black approach. Then she sees Daniel. “Oh, it’s you. Thank God,” she cries.

Clyde runs right into Jennifer in the park. He’s out of breath and apologizes. He says he’s been power walking, trying to take off a few pounds before the wedding. “You probably thought I was running from the police or something.” Jenn says no. He shows her a wedding venue for their kids on his cell phone and asks for her opinion. She thinks they should leave that up to Abigail and Ben. Besides, he may not even be there! Clyde’s shocked. She covers and basically says the way he’s overstepping, it could upset them. Clyde admits he gets carried away.

From home, Abigail flashes to her fight with Ben and mopes. She flashes to kissing Chad and then Ben arrives. Abby professes her love to him. He’s surprised she’s there and reminds her he broke off their engagement. She thinks he overreacted when he saw her with Chad. He says there’s a way to fix it. “Come away with me tonight. We’ll leave Salem for good.” Exhausted, Abigail agrees to it. Not tonight. “Tomorrow then?” Ben asks. She agrees and they kiss. She leaves and Clyde stops by. He relays his conversation with Jennifer and notices Ben’s packing. Ben explains the move and returns the house keys. Clyde gives them back. “You’re not going anywhere.” Ben gives them back. He can’t be bought. Clyde apologizes. He knows they’re leaving because of Chad. He’ll follow them. “Then I’ll kill him,” Ben says. Clyde says that’s not what he meant. He’ll haunt them. He needs to stay and watch that bastard go down in flames. He tells Clyde the police put an APB out on him. It’s only a matter of time. Ben thinks he’s right and takes the keys back. Clyde goes and Ben watches the news about the Necktie Killer, then finds a box under the bed. He gets a black plastic bag and opens the box, which is full of red ties, some flowers from the DiMera garden, which he smells, black gloves, a ski mask, and stares thoughtfully before throwing it all into the plastic bag.

Chad arrives at the DiMera estate and grabs money from the safe. He accidentally smashes a vase in his haste. He hears police sirens and throws the money into a bag and runs for it.

Jenn arrives home to Abigail who tells her the news. Jenn’s taken aback and thinks it must be Ben’s decision considering Abigail doesn’t look happy. She calls it personal and apologizes for shutting her mom out. Jenn respects that and says it could be a good thing. Abigail hates to leave her and JJ. They hug and Abby leaves.

Abby meets Chad at the pier. He tosses his cell in the water and tells her he’s not the killer and tells her about his memories and how he found someone strangling Marlena. Now she thinks he’s the Necktie Killer. It doesn’t look good for him. He tells her he loves her. She doesn’t want him to run away and wants him to remember everything about the killer. Chad doesn’t know squat about him. The police are already after him. He needs to go! Abby says no and if he tries, she’ll turn him in. “I’m calling the shots.” She brings him to some shed where he can hide out and tells him she and Ben are leaving town tomorrow.

Ben heads to the pier where he tosses all his murder garb into the lake.

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