Nicole barges into TBD, telling Kate there’s no way she’d have signed off knowing Kate was backing Theresa on Basic Black. Kate argues that the players aren’t as important as the game. Justin and Adrienne arrive and discuss their divorce. Justin reveals he didn’t like where he was at that point and that he likes his new job and can’t wait to get Chad DiMera on double murder. Adrienne wonders if he’s not guilty. Justin wants to be the first person to nail a DiMera and make it stick. Adrienne worries he’s using his position to stir up the old Kiriakis/DiMera feud. He assures he’s driven. Meanwhile, nearby, Kate asks Nicole to work things out. The blonde would rather have her nails pulled out with a pair of pliers. Kate knows they’ll never get mani-pedis together but together they can get rich. Nicole spouts off about Kate’s wrongdoings and Kate’s silent. Nic warns she’d better be on her best behavior.

At SPD, Eve tells Rafe that Paige was his sister and that Eddie was Paige’s father, too, only he used the surname of Larson. Rafe is staggered. They share stories about Eddie’s abandonment and commiserate. Eve says Eddie told her he’d leave as soon as Paige’s funeral is over. That’s not soon enough for Rafe. Eve tells Rafe all about his sister. Once the investigation is over, he suggests they get together to talk about her. Eve’s thrilled. He asks how old Paige was when Eddie left them and learns she was ten.

Eddie sees Gabi and Arianna enjoying ice cream at the square. Ari drops her bear and Gabi spots Eddie. She doesn’t recognize him and asks if he can pick the bear up. He does so and she asks if he has children. He skirts the question. Rafe shows up and thinks it’s time for Ari to go home. Gabi agrees and leaves with the baby, waving goodbye to the stranger. Rafe blasts Eddie who admits he screwed up – twice. He claims he’s sincere about wanting to change. Rafe tells him to stay away from him and his family.

In the park, Ben thanks Marlena for doing his father a lot of good. He says since her therapy sessions ended, they’ve been getting along better. Marlena’s happy for him. They talk about the wedding and head to the hospital together.

Chad arrives at the hospital to see Stefano. He’s not in his room. Abigail appears. Stefano’s just off getting tests. He sighs in relief. She hopes his hypnosis went well. He tells her Marlena says it’ll be a process. He’s also looking into the possibility that he was drugged. Abigail’s encouraged and maintains that he’s innocent. Touched, Chad touches her cheek. She holds his hand to her face and the door opens. A nurse interrupts and Ben walks by, just in time to see the display. He rages on Abigail for breaking her word to him. She tries to justify her actions. Chad needed a friend! Ben cries, “You expect me to make you my wife when you lie so easily? What kind of fool do you take me for?” Chad narrows his eyes. Abby starts to cry and professes her love for Ben but he’s done talking. He leaves. Chad wants to go after him but Abby asks him not to. He didn’t mean to make trouble. He thinks she’s better off staying away from him, then heads to see Marlena.  He rushes into her room, asking her to put him under. She notices he’s agitated but he can put his feelings aside. She puts him under. He sees a man in a suit struggling with him and yells, “Someone’s here. Hey! Get off of me!” Marlena tells him he’s safe. Chad now sees a bum with long hair and a beard. They’re fighting. “I don’t know what the hell’s happening,” Chad gasps. She brings him back. He’s frustrated. He thanks her and leaves abruptly. She leaves her office and someone in black gloves walks in. She returns and Rafe calls to ask about the profile of the killer. She hasn’t gotten to it yet so hangs up. The Necktie killer walks in brandishing a red tie. He strangles her with it and she struggles. Elsewhere, Chad walks into the hospital elevator with a nurse.

Abby sobs at the park, then starts having abdominal pains. She leaves as Adrienne and Justin walk up. Justin gets called into work and Adrienne kisses his cheek before going home.

Nicole passes Eddie on his way into TBD. Kate watches him with interest. He gets a beer and lifts it to salute her.

Chad ends up on the docks. He considers calling Abigail then starts to remember being there before, stumbling around and fighting with the bum. Nearby, Eve wanders sadly.

Adrienne arrives home and stares at a photo of Justin.

Back at SPD, Rafe comes up with an idea and races out.

Abby arrives home but Ben’s not there.

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