Rafe finds Eddie in the Horton square. What the hell he’s doing there? It’s been decades. He thinks Eddie should crawl back under that rock he came from.  Eddie asks what’s going on with him and Gabriella. Rafe scoffs that he suddenly cares. Eddie seems contrite and asks for ten minutes.

Theresa arrives home and tells Brady how Eve’s struggling. She was jealous of Paige who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Brady calls Theresa driven. Theresa says not always in the right way. Nicole arrives. Theresa takes Tate to bed and when she returns, Nicole asks who was gullible enough to bankroll her – and why? Theresa snorts and they get down to business. Theresa thinks launching a showstopper design will put them on the map.

Kate wanders into TBD telling Victor on the phone that Miranda has been wonderful. She hangs up and mutters, “If you like working for a sadistic tyrant. And they call me a bitch.” Nearby, Eve says sometimes you have to be a bitch to get by. Kate says amen to that and tells Eve she’s sorry about her daughter. Kate knows what it feels like to mourn a child. Eve asks what happened. Kate launches into the story about Curtis making her think Austin and Carrie were dead. Eve says the guilt is the worst. They share their pasts – they were both prostitutes and agree men suck. Eve worries Paige was punished for what she did. Kate lays the blame on the murderer. Rafe and Eddie show up. Eddie says he’s in Salem on personal business. Rafe shakes his head, realizing it doesn’t even involve him or Gabi. Eddie’s been thinking about reaching out but didn’t want to hurt them. Rafe brings up his deceased sister Arianna and how he blamed his father for her poor choices in life. He tells him Dario’s doing well in Argentina, no thanks to him. Eddie’s sorry and is proud of his son. He’d like to talk to Dario. Rafe says his ten minutes are up and leaves in anger. Kate and Eve look on and Eve goes to Eddie and yells that he’s in town five minutes and already pissed off a cop? Eddie’s eyes widen. “Woah. My son’s a cop?” Eve’s jaw drops. “Rafe’s your son?” Eve’s pissed. Rafe had a sister that he didn’t even get a chance to know. She says to go to hell and rushes out. Kate watches with interest then texts Theresa.

From her office, Kayla leaves a concerned voicemail for Joey. She finds her wedding photograph and stares at it, flashing back to making love to Steve.  She can’t concentrate so she leaves.

Steve finds Joey stowed away on the plane. Joey won’t let his dad abandon them again. Steve says that’s not what he’s doing. Uncle Bo is in trouble and needs him. Joey can’t tag along because he’s not a trained agent. His mother must be worried. Joey snarks that he just tailed an ex-spy without his knowledge. Doesn’t he want him around? Steve says that’s not so. He had a lousy father, and didn’t want to be like Duke.  The idea of being a father petrified him. He tells his son what he and Kayla had to go through when they met to be together – how he was a drifter, angry at the world and how Kayla was sweetness and light. She convinced him to get on the straight and narrow though the bad guys he worked for didn’t take kindly to that. “I found myself at the business end of a knife. Your mamma patched me up.” Steve flashes back and grins. He mutters about being fogged in and plays the harmonica a little. Joey asks what song that is. “It’s called depressed daddy blues.” He calls Kayla.

Back at the mansion, Brady runs upstairs when the baby cries and Theresa says she needs to make a call. Nicole feigns leaving the house and eavesdrops as Theresa calls Kate with an update. They agree to meet and Nicole returns and asks for water. While Theresa’s gone, Nicole searches Theresa’s phone and learns Kate’s her silent backer. “Oh hell to the no.” She goes and Theresa sketches. Brady returns. He thinks he underestimated her. They may pull this off after all.

Kayla finds herself in the square where she flashes back to marrying Steve and giving birth to Joey. Steve calls and tells her Joey’s with him. He tells her after he brings Bo home, he’s home for good.

Back at SPD, Rafe starts a search on his father on the computer until Eve shows up. She tells him that Paige was his sister.

Back at TBD, Nicole finds Kate. She should have known Kate would slither back into her life and cause trouble! She knows she’s Theresa’s silent partner.

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