Aiden meets a man in the park about his loans, and assures him that he’s working to get the money. The man shakes his hand to congratulate him on his engagement, and crushes it.

Marlena and Will talk in Horton Square about how things are going for him. She feels he needs a distraction and suggests he try to write again.

At the police station, Hope and Rafe discuss the evidence against Chad. Rafe believes they are missing something, so they decide to ask Marlena to work up a profile on this killer. Rafe learns about Hope’s engagement when flowers are delivered, and congratulates her.

At the DiMera mansion, Abby promises Chad that she can sneak him in the hospital unseen to see Marlena, who can hypnotize him and find out the truth. Abby begs him to fight for his name and prove he didn’t do this.

At TBD, Steve tells Kayla about his conversation with John, and how the agency has seemed to cover all tracks of Bo and that he could be in trouble. Steve was hoping to bring Bo back and earn another chance with her. Meanwhile Ben continues to worry about Abigail, who is ignoring his calls.

In a dungeon somewhere, Bo dreams of trying to get home to Hope, but the door is locked to the house and he can’t get in. He fears she is in danger.

Back at the PD, Kayla visits Hope and learns about the engagement. Hope worries Kayla disapproves, but Kayla is simply worried how it will affect their relationship. Hope assures her they’ll always be sisters. Kayla tells her that she saw Steve, and he’s still determined to find Bo. Hope would like Bo to come back, but only for his children, and so she can move on with her life. She changes the subject to Steve, and Kayla admits she doesn’t know what to do about him.

Marlena returns to her office and Abby calls to see if she’s free. When she learns she is, she sneaks Chad in. They explain why they are here, and he gives Marlena permission to tell the cops what he says if she needs to. Marlena agrees, and Abby leaves them. Suddenly Rafe knocks on her door and asks if they can talk about the murders. Chad hides in the closet while Rafe asks her to form a profile on the killer for them. She agrees to help, and he leaves the evidence and details with her. After Rafe departs, Chad suggests they get started, so Marlena puts him under. Elsewhere, Victor visits Stefano at the hospital to discuss the murderer running around town and how Chad is the chief suspect. Victor suggests Stefano stay in the hospital and let the cops take Chad in, as he’s really never done anything for Stefano. Stefano says he’ll take care of his family, and then questions Victor about his own situation having both Maggie and Caroline under his roof. Victor tells him that’s none of his business and storms out. Stefano says, “I think they are!” Later, Aiden ends up at the hospital to have his hand bandaged, and he sneaks in to see Stefano. He is forced to hide when a nurse comes to check on him, but not before stealing Stefano’s house keys.

Back in Horton Square, Will runs into Abby and asks how she’s doing given what’s going on with Chad and the murders. Abby tells him that she’s late to meet Ben, so she can’t talk.

Aiden breaks into the DiMera mansion and begins snooping around. He finds a checkbook and takes a check, and then finds a document that Stefano had signed in order to forge his signature. Aiden’s phone rings, and he looks troubled by the caller.

Steve waits in the park for a call from an old friend. He explains he’s looking for his friend Bo, and she happened to see Bo. He asks her for details.

Aiden goes to the station to see Rafe and says he has something he may be interested in knowing. Later, Will arrives with Arianna, and they can’t believe this is happening. Gabi is brought in and has been released from jail.

Back at the hospital, Steve arrives to see Kayla and explains he just talked to an old friend who makes money smuggling people on her boat. She told him that Bo was one of her passengers around the time that John saw him. Kayla warns him not to get people’s hopes up because this may not pan out. Steve says if he can’t find Bo, does she want him to come back. She says no, but he doesn’t believe her.

Aiden returns to Hope’s house, and she asks about his finger. He claims it was a dog bite.

Abby finally meets up with a worried Ben at TBD. She assures him that she’s with him now, and that’s where she wants to be.

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