In his office, John receives a call from a contact that gives him some leads on his past. He is trying to locate the cop who investigated Forrest Alamain’s drowning, who is the person John once thought he was.

Marlena and Paul catch up at TBD, and as they talk about John, she explains to Paul that his past is a mystery. Paul was unaware of this. Paul has to head off to a MadWorld meeting. John arrives just as Paul leaves, and they decide to talk later. John tells Marlena about his lead and that he may be on the right path to finding his parents.

At Ben’s place, Abby and Ben have breakfast and Ben reads the news about Stefano’s heart attack. Later Ben heads to class, and Abby tells him she will work from home today. She texts Chad to check on him, but he doesn’t respond.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad deletes the texts from Abby. As he is about to go on the run, he finds Abby at the door who tells him that she won’t let him do this. The two argue about how bad it looks for Chad. Abby thinks there is a way to help him, and she suggests he see Marlena for hypnotherapy. Abby believes Marlena can be discreet, and she begs him to try.

Stefano remains unconscious at the hospital as Aiden warns him not to die before he gets paid. Stefano wakes up and tells him that his debts are the last thing on his mind, and he’s on his own. Aiden tells him that Hope said yes, so he expects his money. Aiden storms out and runs into Chase and Ciara, who are there for sports physicals. Ciara saw where Aiden was and warns him that Stefano is a bad man. Aiden explains that Mr. DiMera’s son is his client, so he had to talk to him. Ciara and Chase realize it’s about the murders, and Ciara knows Chad would never murder anyone. Aiden assures her that he will prove Chad is innocent. Meanwhile, Hope finds Steve and Kayla discussing Steve going after Bo. She tells him to accept that Bo is gone, and they show him a letter from Bo in his own handwriting. Hope tells him that John brought it back to her. Steve reads the letter and apologizes to them both for questioning what was happening with Bo. Steve leaves, and Hope asks Kayla if Steve will let this go. Kayla doesn’t believe so. Kayla and Hope leave and run into Aiden and the kids. Kayla takes the kids to give them their physicals. Hope and Aiden chitchat about their work, but can’t share too many details given Aiden is representing Chad. Later, Kayla returns to her office and finds her wedding photo to Steve in a drawer while looking for her phone charger.

Steve runs into Joey in Horton Square, and the two discuss what he said to Hope, as well as Bo’s disappearance. Steve explains the ISA has ways of pulling you in, and he cryptically mentions his own work with the agency and how he can’t reveal why he went to work for them. Elsewhere, Aiden, Hope and the kids go for ice cream. Aiden gets down on one knee and proposes to Hope, who accepts. Ciara asks if they picked a date, and Hope tells her November ninth during the bicentennial celebration. Ciara drags Hope off to look at dresses, and Aiden gets a text warning him that his time is running out.

Joey goes to see his mom at her office and sees her wedding photo is out. He tells his mom that he ran into dad and they talked about things. He explains how he acted like a jerk to Hope and says he’ll apologize. He also is trying not to get his hopes up about dad, but he seems to be trying. Kayla believes Steve does love them, and no matter what he does, he always comes home to them. Meanwhile, Victor shows up in Stefano’s room to pay him a visit.

Steve runs into John and Marlena at TBD. Marlena leaves to take a call, and Steve asks John about the letter Bo wrote to Hope. He is still having trouble believing that Bo just abandoned his family. Steve asks if Bo actually gave him the letter. John says no, and explains it was delivered to him after he last saw Bo. John admits he looked into things and it’s as if the ISA erased any traces of Bo from their files.

Ben returns home and finds Abigail missing. He tries to tell himself to trust Abigail.

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