In Horton Square, Aiden talks to someone on his phone and assures them that he’ll be able to pay his debts on time. He meets up with Hope and Ciara, and Ciara is bugging her mom about news she has to share. Hope won’t tell her until Chase is present too. Hope sees Joey walking through the square and is surprised to see him. She thinks they should give him a welcome home party and get the family together, but Joey tells her she’s not family anymore given she divorce Bo. Hope says the Bradys will always be her family, but Joey dismisses her and walks off. Later Ciara and Hope leave.

At the police station, JJ asks to see Roman just as Clyde walks in. Roman comes out and the two whisper about what is going on with Paige. Clyde interrupts and claims to have information on the case about Paige. He tells Roman that he saw Chad DiMera outside Paige’s dorm around the time of the murder. Roman thanks him, and then asks JJ if he needs to tell him something else. JJ claims he just wanted to find out about Paige. Later JJ gets a text from Clyde ordering him to meet him at the docks. As he’s leaving he runs into Eve, who tells him that she wishes Paige had never met him, as then she’d still be alive. JJ walks out, and Justin comes in and talks with Eve. He says they are working around the clock to get who killed her daughter, and they are close to an arrest. Eve asks for a name, but he can’t tell her that yet. Eve thanks him and leaves.

At Ben’s place, Abby tries to reassure Ben that she loves him and wants to marry him, but he accuses her of sneaking off to meet Chad. Ben is sure Chad is the killer, and she isn’t staying clear of him. She claims Chad is her friend, and she didn’t tell him about going to see him because his jealousy scares her. He says it’s because he loves her so much, and he doesn’t want to see her be Chad’s next victim. He says everything he does is for her, and she demands he remove the app from her phone. Ben deletes the app, and she asks him if they can start over and begin trusting one another again. He explains he’s just been so afraid for her, and he begs her to stay away from Chad. She promises to not go looking for Chad, but she can’t say they won’t run into one another. Later, Ben tells her about his father’s gift, a house of their own.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano collapses over his chessboard, which Chad initially thinks is a stunt. However he soon rushes to his father’s side and realizes something is wrong, so he calls for help.

Chad and Stefano arrive at the hospital, and later Kayla relays a message from the cardiologists that they believe Stefano will pull through. Chad goes to see his father, as Steve shows up and argues with her over treating Stefano. Rafe arrives to ask Stefano some questions, so Kayla tells him to keep it short. Steve asks Kayla to talk in private about Joey, so they go to her office. They discuss Joey’s class schedule, but soon turn to talking about Steve’s theory about Bo. Steve won’t give up on Bo and he finds his disappearance mysterious. They argue about it, and Steve suggests he go in search of him just as Hope walks in. Meanwhile in Stefano’s room, Stefano thanks Chad and swears he is not framing him. Chad doesn’t believe him, so Stefano tells him to do what it takes to find the truth for himself and the family. Later, Rafe visits and ask Stefano questions about the murders. Stefano says neither he nor Chad killed those women. Stefano becomes agitated and his monitors beep, so Rafe is asked to leave. Rafe runs into Chad in the hall, and Chad assures Rafe he’s being framed. Rafe takes Chad off someplace private to talk. Eventually Aiden arrives to speak with Stefano. Stefano is out cold, and Aiden warns him he better not die until he gets paid for this job.

JJ meets Clyde at the docks, and he explains he had to ask about Paige or it would seem suspicious. Clyde agrees and tells him to focus on work and not his dead girlfriend. He gives JJ a burner phone to stay in touch, and warns him to stay away from the cops.

In the park, Rafe informs Chad that they are very close to arresting him based on the evidence, so he needs to figure out who hates him enough to pin these murders on him.

Eve returns home and sits in the dark looking at a photo of Paige. She eventually breaks down and begins throwing things and screaming, “She was my baby!”

Chad returns to the DiMera mansion, goes through his father’s safe, and grabs a bunch of money and his passport.

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