JJ arrives home to an envelope addressed to him with a bullet inside. He flashes to Clyde’s threats. Paige appears and he tells her to meet him in the park.

On a call in the park, Aiden says he’s clear about their expectations. He wouldn’t dream of letting them down.

At the mansion, Steve tells Victor he can prove the letters aren’t from Bo by digging in to Bo’s records in the Merchant Marines which will show he was never in Tahiti. Steve says maybe Bo wasn’t working for the ISA at all. Maybe that’s what someone wants them to think. “Someone who?” asks Victor. “Or did you leave your tinfoil cap at home?” Steve snaps that this isn’t some conspiracy theory. Victor admits Bo never actually said he was working for the ISA.

At TBD, Hope’s sorry she couldn’t make it to Serena’s funeral. Eric mopes and feels guilty. When he sees Chad Hope has to drag him out before he can approach the DiMera.

From the hospital, Abigail’s face falls as she overhears a cop on a call telling Rafe that they matched the key found at the scene of Serena’s murder to the DiMera mansion. Abby calls Chad to meet.

At SPD, Rafe shows Roman the new evidence. Rafe calls it convenient. DiMeras aren’t sloppy but Roman says Chad was drinking and doesn’t handle rejection well. Justin pokes his head in and demands Rafe arrest ‘the bastard’ already. Eric and Hope appear. Roman doesn’t think Justin’s being that unreasonable considering the evidence. The clock is ticking. Hope has confidence in Rafe and refuses to step in. Rafe appreciates it. He tells Hope he just wants justice served. Meanwhile, Roman takes Eric into his office to discuss Serena.

Paige meets JJ in the park. She’s worried about Clyde sending the bullet. JJ calls it a warning. He asks her to stay out of this. She worries something will happen to him but he reassures that he’ll protect them both. He loves her. Someday he hopes she won’t hate him. She whispers that she doesn’t hate him and asks him to be careful. She kisses his cheek then goes. He calls Wyatt who demands he hurry and find Kyle’s boss.

Ben paces the apartment. Abby’s late for the wedding planner appointment. He texts her and when she doesn’t answer, he cancels the appointment and checks his spyware and learns of her location.

Abby’s at TBD. She tells Chad about the new evidence. He starts to laugh. The key is his and he doesn’t remember everything that happened that night. He takes her into his office and tells her everything.

Later, from home, Ben fakes a British accent and calls TBD to find out if Chad’s alone in his office. He gets nowhere.
A man goes into Bo’s cell and takes his food tray, then kicks him. Bo groans and the guy leaves.

Aiden arrives at the DiMera mansion to see Stefano. He needs an advance on the promised payment. Stefano will only pay when he marries Hope. Aiden talks about Stefano bringing him to Salem so that Hope will fall in love with him. He’s so close to marrying her. Stefano won’t be satisfied until they’re married and Bo is out of her system. Aiden yells that he needs the money and now! Stefano asks if he needs reminding about his past. Aiden looks sufficiently put in his place. “No.”

Rafe meets Paige in the square, asking questions about Serena’s murder.

Back at TBD, Abigail tells Chad she believes he’s not a violent person. Chad’s thankful. She holds his hand and assures him everything will be okay. They share a moment, then she leaves. She calls Ben and lies about her whereabouts. He bashes Chad and she purses her lips.

Ciara and Hope arrive home. They discuss Aiden’s proposal. Ciara happily says, “Tell him yes, Mom.” Ciara wants to be in the wedding and to finally wear the amazing earrings Sami gave her. Hope laughs and says yes. Hope says Aiden won’t take Bo’s place but Ciara admits sometimes she wishes he could. Ciara goes off and Hope stares at a photo of Bo and flashes back to their love, then to Aiden popping the question. She holds the ring and cries.

Chad finds Rafe in the square, questioning Paige. When Rafe goes, Chad grabs Paige. What did she tell Rafe? She says she told the truth. Rafe watches while Chad says whatever she thinks she knows, she’s wrong. Paige wriggles from his grasp and goes into the parkette. She calls JJ to ask to meet at her dorm. There’s something important she needs to tell him.

Steve and John meet at the pub. The men embrace and Steve questions John about what he and Bo discussed the last time they spoke. John says the investigation originally involved the DiMeras and involved an international crime syndicate. John agrees to check out his theory but he thinks Bo left of his own free will.

JJ arrives at Paige’s dorm and finds her clothed, and dead in the shower, with a necktie around her neck.

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