John awakens Marlena at her place with a yellow rose. She grins then suddenly realizes she slept late – she missed her first appointment! John admits he cleared her schedule. Marlena finds that presumptuous but isn’t all that upset. She sees John’s bags packed. He tells her he has an emergency briefing for the ISA. Marlena wonders if all this romancing was just so he could leave her and go off to save the world again. John clarifies that they just called and he’s tortured about leaving her. “Then don’t.” John immediately calls to reschedule his meeting until next week. Marlena’s thrilled. She thinks he made up the meeting so he could cancel it and be her hero. John starts to laugh. She tries to grab his phone and they break up into peals of laughter which turns into a kiss. Later, he brings her breakfast in bed. “Everything is forgiven,” she gushes. He brings up marriage again. She asks to make a deal. They’ll exchange wedding vows right there in bed. If he can walk the talk, she’ll make it real in a month. They kiss. He says some sweet words, makes some promises, and she replies, “Ditto.” She then tells him she knew she’d spend her life with him the moment she laid eyes on him. She says a few more words and he tells her, “Ditto.” She laughs and he pronounces them provisionally married.

“One month.”
“Start the clock,” she says.

In the square, Nicole tells Brady she wants to buy Basic Black. His first instinct is to laugh. Nicole says she has some money, Daniel’s contributing, and it’s too good of an opportunity to ignore. She has wasted too much time and wants a real challenge.

At TBD, Theresa tells Maggie she wants to buy Basic Black with the help of investors. She asks if Maggie will be her prime investor so it’ll attract other investors. Maggie can’t. Theresa’s not dependable. Theresa shows her some sketches. “This is what Basic Black needs.” Maggie finds them lovely. Theresa’s excited. Maggie calls her style distinctive. Kim must have been proud. Theresa says her mom thought it wasn’t worthwhile so she stopped drawing and believing in herself. She’s taking charge of her dreams now. She sees this as a new beginning. Maggie worries she could be setting herself up for a fall. Theresa knows. She hands over specs for her to scan.

Kayla and Joey meet Mr. Marx, the headmaster for Salem Prep at the pub. Marx looks over his transcript as Joey ruins the interview by saying he’s not interested in studying or extracurricular activities. Marx decides the interview is over and Kayla, steamed, asks what is wrong with Joey.
At the mansion, Victor tells Steve Bo’s on a mission for the ISA. Steve presses for more but Victor really hasn’t more information. Steve refuses to leave until Victor gives him a real answer. Victor repeats himself and says to talk to his employers – he already asked and got nowhere. Steve knows Bo would never have left for this long without telling his family. Victor scoffs that he’s more worried about Bo than his family but Steve has concerns for both. He begs Victor to help him. Victor reveals he investigated beyond the ISA, though he didn’t get far. He wonders if Bo wants to be found. Steve learns of the letters Bo wrote and asks to read them. Later, he does so and notes that Bo talks about time they spent in the ISA in Tahiti. A red flag goes off in Steve’s head. “We never went to Tahiti.” He checks the dates and noticed they’re from July. There’s no birthday wishes for Ciara. Somebody else wrote these letters!

Bo lies dirty on a cement floor, confined in a room. He attempts to get up but has no strength. Someone in black army boots lets themselves in and throws down a tray of food, then leaves. Bo tries to eat but passes out.

Kayla takes Joey to work. He explains he hates prep school. He’ll go to public school. They debate that and he lashes out, saying she’s the reason his dad left in the first place. Kay looks hurt. She never wanted him to come from a broken home. She made mistakes. Joey accuses her of driving Steve away. She says that’s not how it happened. She’s not what drove his father away. She confides that Steve’s not great at committing. She tries to protect them from that.

Back at the square, Nic doesn’t have the full asking price. She wants him to talk to John. He reminds her of all her screw ups but she says he’s screwed up too but he has been given countless changes. Brady softens and agrees to lend her half the money. She jumps into his arms, thankful. Theresa watches sulkily, from nearby. Nicole goes and Theresa walks up. Brady tells her what’s going on. She gasps. “You can’t do that to me!” She wants the company. She shows her designs and plans. He remembers the briefcase from her apartment. She admits she was too embarrassed to tell him what was inside. He calls it “Groundhog Day” and says he can’t make any promises. He already told Nic he’d help her.

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