At SPD, Hope and Aiden make plans for the evening. Aiden comments to Rafe that he gets to see more of Hope today than he does. He leaves and Roman pokes his head in. They lie that Rafe's there to help Hope with background investigations. Roman seems satisfied and goes and Hope tells Rafe to lie to Aiden if he asks. Hope asks if Rafe thinks Victor believes Clyde's dangerous. Rafe thinks so and once they get enough evidence they can turn it in to Roman. Hope wonders why Jeremiah was the only resident of Poplar Bluff to go on the record about who Clyde really is. Rafe muses that he's a plant. He'd really like to know what made Victor back down from fighting the trucking war with Clyde.

At Will's, Marlena knows Will ditched his first therapy session and asks if he really wants to save his marriage. Will insists he does and says they're going to be seeing Dr. Meyers because he has a 100% success rate. Marlena doesn't recommend the psychiatrist and reminds her grandson in order for it to work, he has to want it. Will reveals that Sonny's still in love with Paul. Marlena says Sonny also is in love with Will and is committed to him. If he manipulates Sonny, he'll lose him and have nobody to blame but himself.

Sonny sees Paul in the park while on his way to TBD and tells him about 'honesty hour' with Will where he revealed his feelings for Paul to his husband. Paul says the ball is in his court now and he'll respect whatever Sonny decides.

Chad wakes Abigail up at the mansion with a rose. She's speechless. Chad fantasizes that he has told Abigail how he feels about her but that Stefano pushed him to pursue her. In his fantasy, Abby thinks he played her and shuts him out. He decides not to bring up Stefano and tells her that last night meant everything to him but whatever happens next is up to her.

At the pub, Clyde cautions Ben that Chad will probably attempt to take advantage of Abigail. Ben doesn't believe Abigail would fall all over Chad. Clyde supposes that Ben would win against Chad anyway. Nearby, Roman and Caroline discuss Arianna's birthday party and how much they miss Sami. Caroline says it's been so long since she saw Sami she wonders if she'd still recognize her. A worried look crosses Roman's face and he reminds his mother she saw Sami two weeks ago. Caroline gets upset. She thought she was doing better. Roman makes light of it and shows her photos they took. Caroline gets animated, remembering the rides they went on that day. Roman suggests they date the photos and put them on the calendar to help her remember.

At TBD, Kate and John agree that Paul's impressive but Kate warns that he'd better not cause more trouble for Sonny and Will or he'll be sorry. John doesn't like that she just threatened his son. He tells her to leave it alone or she's the one that will be sorry.

John's heading to work when he sees Paul. Paul says he'd like to see that place sometime so John says why not now? He asks if it's okay to introduce him as his son and Paul says, "That's who I am!" They toddle off and nearby, Aiden and Clyde arrive. Aiden has drawn up documents for Clyde to sign. Clyde's very happy. When Aiden has to leave, Clyde says he won't be late to pick up his son. Aiden's uneasy and questions how he knew he was picking up his son.

John and Paul arrive at SPD. After a tour, Paul says he ran into Marlena and admitted he thought they were hypocrites for asking him to stay away from Sonny. He realized he was unfair. Paul looked at his nephew, Tate, and how he came to be and realized some things happen for a reason. John thinks Tori did a great job bringing Paul up.

Marlena and Will arrive at TBD. Sonny tells Will he saw Paul on his way but that they only talked a few minutes. Will says okay and Sonny goes off to greet people. Marlena goes to Will and applauds how he handled that. Abigail arrives looking guilty. Roman shows up and Abby takes family photos. When Will kisses Sonny's cheek while being photographed, Sonny chastises him for putting on a show and Will lashes out about him being with Paul, earlier. Kate approaches Abigail and thinks it must be nice being with a kind and decent man such as Ben after being with 'those two DiMeras'. Abigail gets uneasy and excuses herself. Rafe goes to Kate and says it's good to see her without Clyde for a change. She asks, "Is it? Do you enjoy being alone all the time?"

Ben wanders the park and sends Abigail a text. He sees Polly, a co-worker. She says she tried to work today just so she could see Chad. Ben cautions her to stay away from him. He's her boss. She doesn't care. She runs off and Chad appears. Ben says he knows Chad was with Abigail.

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