In Aiden's office, Clyde writes a check, thankful for Aiden's help with his son. He asks why people have it in for the DiMera family as Hope waltzes in. She suggests Clyde read about it online. Chad ends up looking like Captain America next to the rest of them. Clyde goes and Hope mutters, "Golly." She asks if Aiden buys 'that Mayberry RFD' stuff. They kiss and reminisce about their meet cute.

From the DiMera mansion, Kate tells Harold she'll have her trunks picked up tomorrow. She and Chad commiserate over their public humiliation. Chad took his in stride, knowing he would have been screwed by her if not by his father. She calls what Stefano did to her personal but has no hard feelings toward Chad. They hug. He goes and Clyde arrives. He knows why she didn't call him after what happened. She eventually admits that she was embarrassed and angry.

At Eric’s, Serena bakes and flashes to finding the diamonds. Eric asks what they're celebrating. She confesses that after last night it looks as though she may not have to leave Salem. Caroline arrives. Serena promises to stop by for chowder before she heads out. They eat Serena's muffins.

From TBD, Nicole calls Daniel, hurt that he kept Brady’s hospitalization from her. She hangs up and Victor appears, hoping Daniel has given her ‘the old heave-ho’. She gloats about last night's erotic shave. "He let you at him with a razor?" he asks. He doesn't think Daniel will get close to her again. Victor learns about Brady's hospital stay and rushes off. Nicole gets up to go and splashes coffee on a handsome stranger (Xander). She's sorry but he takes one look at her and says he's not. She offers to pay the dry cleaning and hands over her card but he refuses her. He keeps the card, asking if he can call. She says she’s sort of seeing someone. He’ll hang on to her number anyway.

At the hospital, Brady’s ready to be released. Daniel tells him Nurse Maria didn't try taking blood from both of Brady's arms so they don't know where the other needle mark came from. Mel thinks whoever it was took blood from Brady. Victor barges in, demanding to know what happened and why they didn't tell him. Daniel tries to calm him down.

From Theresa’s, Clint calls Mandrake to ask if Kristen received the blood and is fine with him getting Theresa’s today. He confirms that she won’t remember a thing. Meanwhile, in bed, Theresa wakes up mumbling, “Brady make love to me.” Clint says she looks like ‘bloody hell’, and gets her a drink. She begs off, saying she used up all her sick days. Clint manipulates her and she calls Anne.

Nurse Maria arrives at the pub and Anne vents that she's late with her HR report. Maria admits she was overwhelmed last night and when pushed, tells her Brady Black was admitted. After Maria goes, Anne takes Theresa's call. Theresa lies that she's sick and learns that something huge is going on with Brady. She acts as though she couldn't care less and when they hang up, she drinks up.

At Mandalay, Hope talks about Stefano's scum-sucking lawyers and then feels bad, because Aiden's a lawyer. Chad walks up and apologizes that Stefano evaded an arrest yet again. He tells Hope he and Kate were just as surprised to see Stefano. He has a lot to learn. Hope says he has nothing to learn from Stefano.

Back at Theresa's, she becomes groggy and Clint carries her to bed. He leaves the room and she texts Melanie, thinking she's texting Brady.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Victor not to be angry with Daniel. Brady's the one who asked everyone to keep this quiet. Melanie leaves the room and Victor wonders if this is related to Sonny's attack. They'll proceed as though it is. Meanwhile, Melanie receives Theresa's text gloating about being the best Brady ever had. Melanie grabs her coat and goes.

Daniel walks into TBD and watches Nicole with the handsome stranger. He doesn't approach. The man asks Nicole about her work and when she asks his name he leaves. Daniel walks up and asks who the man was. Nicole says he was just a stranger. She thinks he's jealous but he denies it. She thinks he should be because that man knows how to treat a woman.

The handsome stranger, Xander, drops by Serena's apartment and tells her he's tired of the delays.

At Theresa's, Clint takes blood from an unconscious Theresa and shoves the vial into a bag. He leaves a note and on the way out runs into Melanie and drops two vials of blood, one which reads 'baby Black'.

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