Aiden, Hope, Chase and Ciara arrive at Aiden's cottage on Puget Sound. In his mind, Aiden hears a woman cry out and a gunshot. Chase is excited so Aiden puts a smile on his face. The kids go outside and Hope says she can see what this place does to him. He's right to let it go. Aiden says he hates this place. He's sullen. They'd be in a shack if they didn't use her money to purchase this place. The kids return and a taxi arrives to take Hope to Tahiti. Once she's gone, Aiden unlocks a nearby door and takes out a shovel and an axe. Hope returns and Aiden hides the items.

From TBD, Sonny takes Paul's call. He told his mother and grandfather that he won't be playing ball anymore and his grandfather kept talking about that one home run. He cringes but asks Sonny to give him the ball back. Sonny would be happy to and says he's on his way over.

At home, Ben worries about Clyde when he can't get a hold of him. Jordan shows up. She tells him Chad flew off the handle after catching her kissing Rafe but regrets it. Ben finds that laughable but is glad she was kissing Rafe. She tells him nothing is going on with him but won't admit she took Chad back when Ben asks.

Chad goes to Rafe at SPD and asks him to make the case against Ben Rogers go away. John calls Trask who tells John that's not possible. Trask doesn't trust that a DiMera is making this request so it's going forward.

JJ goes to Abby in the park for advice about Paige. She tells him to hear her out. Theresa walks up. She overheard JJ admit to cheating on Paige and calls him a sleezebag. Abby defends her brother and her phone rings. Theresa says to get it. "It might be some married man who has fifteen minutes to spare." Abby's incensed but leaves and Theresa says Paige deserves better than JJ.

In the square, Eve overhears her daughter talking to someone on a call about taking JJ back and orders her daughter not to. They argue and Paige walks off. Theresa walks up while Eve texts JJ to meet. Theresa tells her about eavesdropping on JJ's admission that he cheated. They should team up and find out who it was! Eve sniffs. It's not a game. Theresa says, "Yes it is. Who did it with JJ in the conservatory!" She calls JJ hot and asks if her sister has noticed how he fills out a t-shirt. Eve gets flustered, blushes, and stumbles over her words.

From home Will calls Paul. Will needs a reason Paul decided to out himself for Will. Sonny arrives and Will quickly hangs up. Sonny gives Will a quick massage and finds the baseball. He hides it and they each admit they're lucky they worked things out. Sonny goes. John drops by. He and Sonny may be called to testify in Ben Rogers' case. Will isn't looking forward to that. They're both friends.

At Salem U, Paige tells JJ she still loves him. If he can say the same, they're half-way there. JJ tells her it's not that simple. It wasn't just the one time. "I'm still seeing her." Paige finds it unbelievable but JJ was trying to be kind. There's no way they're getting back together.

Sonny arrives at Paul's and gives him the ball. Paul feels bad for asking for it back but Sonny wants him to have it. Sonny asks what's next for him and Paul says if he could, he'd go back a few years and give it all up - for Sonny. He admits he told another guy about them. Sonny is shocked, knowing this is a huge step for Paul to admit he's gay to anyone. Was it the guy in the shower the other night? Paul blushes and admits it was 'nice' but the guy isn't Sonny.

At the hospital, Jordan fills Abby in on Chad going off on Ben because he saw her kissing Rafe while Paige asks Theresa how to find out the name of the girl JJ's been with. Theresa tells her to get his phone and read his texts.

Chad shows up at Ben's with an apology of sorts. He says he couldn't get the charges dropped. The cops wouldn't let him. He'll take the stand for Ben but does Ben really want everyone to know he taunted him by telling him his sister's better in bed than his girlfriend? Abby walks in, disgusted at what she heard.

JJ goes to Eve at her place and tells her it's fixed. Is she happy now?

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Paige considers Theresa's advice.

Hope's return throws a wrench in Aiden's plans.

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