Daniel confronts Nicole at the Edge and she admits she screwed up a bit but sometimes a reporter has to go with her gut instincts. Daniel thinks Nic hates Serena because she's still in love with Eric. They make a scene and Nicole vehemently denies it. She cares about all of her friends. Daniel tells her they're done. Nicole starts to cry and asks him not to do this. He says this hurts him too, but leaves.

In Eric's bedroom, Serena is relieved she found the elephant after all this time. Eric arrives and when she comes out of his bedroom he questions her. She drums up some tears and says she was on a call to family and it made her emotional. Eric asks if she wants to press charges against Nicole but Serena thinks Nic has learned her lesson. Besides, Ted can be so convincing. Puzzled, Eric says if she knew what Nicole was threatening to expose was fiction, why was she so freaked out? Serena says her files are confidential and her career can be destroyed if they were made public. She invites him to look at the files but he trusts her. They kiss and she hopes one day they'll make love again - when Nicole's out of his head. Right now, she needs to be alone. She says goodnight.

At the mansion, Maggie finds Brady. He tells her Victor advised him to be careful when it comes to Theresa. He's upset his date with Melanie went awry and at Maggie's suggestion, he goes to the hospital.

At the hospital, Theresa's affected upon seeing a baby again. She wonders what's going on. In another room, Melanie eavesdrops as Clint calls Dr. Mandrake with an update about Theresa. Mandrake hopes she still has no memory. If she does, Clint says he knows what to do. He finds Melanie and rips into her for eavesdropping but she ignores him and chastises him for smoking. Theresa waltzes in and tells Melanie to back off. Clint goes and Mel says, "Tobacco head is your new guy?" She asks how well Theresa knows him. Theresa can't recall. Melanie's about to tell her about the call but Theresa thinks she's jealous. Mel goes and Clint finds her near the hub. He starts to confront her about eavesdropping when she tells him if she finds him smoking in the hospital again he'll be warming a seat in the security office. "Just in case you can’t read, there’s a little picture." She gestures toward the no smoking sign. He stomps off and Mel goes home. Brady arrives. Theresa thinks he's there to see her and gives him an earful. He tells her he's seeing Melanie and doesn't want any drama. Theresa's hurt.

Paige is flustered at having found Jenn at TBD. Jenn misses Paige and tells her JJ's really sad about what happened and she knows he regrets it. She lets Paige know that even though people can make big mistakes, sometimes they can work them out. Paige heads to JJ's.

JJ flashes to sex with Eve. She turns up at his door and JJ's not happy. She thinks if JJ leaves Salem, their problem will go away but JJ says that's not happening, and tells Eve to get the hell out of his house. Eve flashes to kissing JJ and worries he'll slip up and Paige will put the pieces together. She goes before Paige shows up and lets him know she's partially to blame for him sleeping with someone else. She’s willing to start over.

Mel arrives home and shares how her date went with Brady. She asks Dan if he knows Dr. Mandrake. He doesn’t.

Eric finds Nicole looking sad at the square and rants about being unable to forgive her. Why can’t she let Serena live her life in peace? He threatens to have her arrested if she hurts Serena again.

At home, Serena busts the thumb drive and mumbles about people seeing things she wants nobody to see. She calls someone and tells them Eric has it. She knows what to do next.

Jenn finds Eve on her way out of TBD and hands over a book Paige left there. Eve's defensive and asks what they were discussing. Jenn's honest which sends Eve on a tirade. She calls JJ scum. Jenn's pissed. Eve tells her to stay away from her daughter. "Or what? You're gonna call us more names?" Eve calls what JJ did an 'abomination' and she doesn't care if he feels bad about it. Jenn wonders how Eve knows what JJ feels. Eve doesn't know how to respond so stomps away.

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