Sonny arrives home just as Kate yells that he 'can't tell Sonny'. Sonny questions them and Kate says she pushed Will into showing her the pre-draft of his cover story which was unethical. Will admits he's been feeling bad about it. Sonny asks why he did it and he says he wasn't satisfied with what he wrote. Grandma used to run Titan Publishing so he thought she could help. Kate admits she told Will to dig deeper after reading the draft. Sonny agrees nobody can know about her involvement. Kate goes and the guys make plans to be together once this article is out.

In her office, when cornered, Jordan explains to Chad that Rafe kissed her but she told him they were over - that she wanted Chad. She realizes that right after Chad saw Rafe kissing her that he went after her brother. Chad admits it's true but won't tell her what he said to Ben. Chad stumbles over his words, apologizing profusely and promising to make it up to her and fix things with Ben. She accepts and they kiss.

In the park, Damon tells Victor that Clyde's men are concerned they can't reach him. Victor wonders if the body has been found.

In his office, Dr. Mandrake recalls giving Theresa a needle and that she was pregnant.

From her home, Theresa dreams that someone's coming after her with a syringe. She wakes up scared and Clint asks her to describe the dream and what the person looked like. She laughs. She can't recall. They have sex.

Melanie arrives at Brady's looking fetching. Brady approves of her new shirt-dress. It'll be dinner only since she has to work. They agree to take things slowly and head out the back door. Melanie slips on the ice and a puddle of water and goes down. Brady yells and rushes to her side but falls. They head inside, wet, and get out of their clothes. Brady gives Mel a blanket and they snuggle under it for warmth. The snuggling turns to kissing.

At Daniel's, Dan opens the files on Nicole's thumb drive. He reads a diary Serena kept of her time working with Edward (Ted) who kept trying to turn their work into something romantic. He was off his medication and was thus banned from the institute. Ted weeps. Nicole asks Ted if the entries are phony while Serena tries to comfort the man. Ted bursts into tears and apologizes to Serena, calling her "My little bluebird." He forgives her for 'ending their love affair' just like how he forgave Madame Curie for discovering radium before he did. Serena calls the group home and later, Myra arrives and takes Ted home. Nicole tries to defend her actions but Serena says Ted's breakdown was out there for the public. Nic didn't verify his claims. Serena decides not to call the police. She and Eric leave and Daniel asks if she has something other than her 'usual BS' to explain to go ahead. Angry, Nicole walks out. He goes after her.

At the hospital, Theresa and Clint kiss. Maybe she'll lose the w2s so they can take off early. He's psyched. She explains that she can get away with anything. Victor approaches. "Not everything." Clint runs out while Victor harasses Theresa for preying on Brady's weakness. Theresa chokes up when she admits she made some mistakes, making Victor assume she still loves him. She denies it. Later, she throws the w2s in a garbage bin near the hub.

Victor returns home to find Brady and Melanie on the sofa kissing. "Oh for the love of God," he says. They're embarrassed and explain. Vic chastises them and they stammer. Mel goes to work and Victor admits he and Mel are two of his favorite people. He admires that they can make something out of their friendship. He asks Brady to be careful and watch his and Mel's back with Theresa.

From the square, Kate leaves another message for Clyde.

Melanie arrives at the hospital and spots Theresa preening. Theresa taunts her and Mel says she can't figure her out. She was cool when they met but now is a b****. Theresa tells her to get lost and waits for Clint, who is on a call with Mandrake in another room. Melanie eavesdrops as Clint says he has an update about Theresa Donovan.

Daniel finds Nicole having a drink at Rafe's bar, The Edge of the Square. He confronts her.

Eric runs out to get food while Serena searches his place. She finds an elephant statue in his room and smiles.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Dan accuses Nic of being into Eric still.

Theresa hears Brady and Mel are dating.

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