Daniel and Nicole open the door to Serena and Eric. Serena calls Nicole names and tells Daniel that Nicole stole her documents. Nicole shows them the thumb drive. She wants to watch it and show everyone what a fraud Serena really is. Eric starts in on Nicole, who reminds him she's a journalist. She explains that she was verifying a tip a source gave her. Daniel wants to know why she didn't tell him. Nicole says it was confidential but she doesn't need the flash drive. She has another way of showing everyone who Serena is. Ted arrives, surprising Serena. He introduces himself as an ex and fills the men in on how Serena screwed him over for a byline. Eric defends Serena's honor but Serena doesn't want to fight this. She decides to let them see what's on the thumb drive.

Jordan stops by Sonny's with a new snowsuit for Arianna. She's not happy to see Kate but the feeling is mutual. Kate opens the gift and adores the snowsuit. She invites Jordan to tea, causing Jordan to ask what kind of game she's playing. Kate just wants to be civil now that she and Clyde are dating and Jordan's sleeping with her business partner. Jordan thinks she's the reason Chad dumped her so Kate lets her think that and taunts her.

Stefano calls Chad at the mansion and tells him his plan to get Rafe off the force backfired. John is his replacement! He'll come after their family with a vengeance. Chad barely reacts and Stefano notices. Chad admits he made a big mistake with Jordan. He tells him about the kiss with Rafe and Stefano asks why he's brooding over her. Chad knows Jordan wants him - not Rafe. Stefano tells him to focus on seducing Abigail and getting revenge. Chad says he will but... Stefano intercepts, "Are you a man or not?" He tells him to get this done and stop focusing on this 'romantic claptrap'.

John stops by the hospital to check on a mugging victim and says he'll be late for supper. He's on his way to see Sonny. Mar's still concerned about the guys. Later, Chad drops by Jordan's office. He knows what she did and wants an explanation. Jordan owes him nothing. They're through.

In Will's office, Paul admits to Will that he's still in love with the guy he was once with. Will urges him to get the man back but Paul says he's taken. Will says he'll meet someone new but Paul already did. Trouble is, he's taken too. Outside, Zoe finds Sonny with a rose. She stops him from heading inside, knowing Will is busy with an interview. Sonny wants to wait but Zoe can't allow it. He'll see the subject of their cover story which is confidential. She agrees to give Will the rose and Sonny leaves. Inside, Will's surprised Paul hasn't told his mother he's gay. Yet. Will explains tomorrow's the last day for his final submission. Paul's grateful to Will for all his help. They shake hands and Paul goes. Zoe steps inside and Will's happy to accept the rose. He tells Zoe that with Paul's cooperation, they're outing him in the expose.

John meets Sonny at TBD and John asks if everything is okay. Sonny admits things were rocky but they're working things out. John tells him, like him, he is determined in letting nothing get in the way of his reunion with Marlena.

Will arrives home, surprised to see Kate. He says he's considering telling Sonny what he did but Kate says there is no good reason why he should ever know. Unless Will's falling for him. Will says Sonny's the only one he loves. Kate wonders if Will wants to share the spotlight with Paul and Will reacts badly and points at Kate, saying that's not what he wants. He cries that he's happy with Sonny and won't let anybody destroy that. This is why he thinks he has to be honest with Sonny. Kate says it'll only hurt Sonny. "Don't ruin Sonny's life," she begs. He has to deal with the guilt. "That's the price you pay for cheating." What Sonny doesn't know won't hurt him. Will has a canary and Kate yells that he can't tell Sonny just as Sonny walks in.

From the park, Marlena takes a call from Stefano who asks how she took the news of John going back to a dangerous profession. She says she approves. She flashes to years ago when she told John about Stefano having a plan. Stefano taunts her but she knows it's only out of fear.

Paul introduces himself to John at the square and apologizes for the last time they met when he was rude. John accepts and they share a nice moment.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole’s plan blows up in her face!

Chad’s confession leaves Jordan feeling torn.

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