At Serena's, Nicole copies Serena's files. Serena returns and finds Nicole staring at Eric's photo. Nic admits she's there to put Serena on notice. She'd better not hurt Eric. She suggests they stay away from each other and if they can't avoid it they can ask themselves, "What would Eric do?" Serena looks puzzled. Nic hugs her before leaving with the thumb drive.

At the hospital, Eric doesn't believe that Nicole's working at being civil with Serena. Daniel defends Nicole and thinks there's still a connection between the two. Eric says he could never love Nic again but thinks Daniel has fallen for her and cautions his friend. Daniel thinks they should start over. If he is forced to choose he'll choose Nicole. Eric would be sorry to lose his friendship. He doesn't want Daniel to go through what he did.

From TBD, Will calls Sonny, who is not up for another lecture about their finances. They hang up and Kate arrives. Will's sad and Kate assumes it's because of his finances. She offers to write him a check. Will refuses her and whines about how he hasn't been there for Sonny. He confesses he feels guilty because of what he did. She guesses he cheated. He cries and she consoles him. The important thing is that it never happens again. When Paul calls, Kate learns he's the one Will cheated with. Kate blames herself for telling Will to do anything to get the story but Will says this is on him. He goes to meet Paul.

Ben stops by Sonny's. Ben knows Chad provoked him in order to see him arrested. Sonny offers to lawyer him up with Justin but Ben says Clyde's already helping. He thinks his father's been in his shoes. Kate arrives and says she heard the news. She apologizes for her business partner "who can be a joke sometimes." Ben goes and Kate reminds Sonny she's filthy rich and demands he take a loan from her. He says he'll consider it and asks her to stay with the baby while he runs an errand.

In University Park, Damon tells Clyde Victor sent him with a message. He shoots him in the chest three times and Clyde goes down. Damon's startled when somebody walks by talking about how they're expecting a foot of snow.

From the mansion, Victor flashes to his last conversation with Clyde. Abby arrives to ask for Victor to hire Ben. Once he hears Ben beat up Chad, he says Ben has his sympathies. Abby admits Ben's father is Clyde Weston. Is that going to cause a problem? Vic says he hardly knows the man. He takes a call from Damon who tells him 'it's done'. They hang up and Victor agrees to hire Ben. Once Abby's gone, Damon shows up with an update about the shooting. Should he send an anonymous tip so someone can find the body? Victor decides to let the Clydesicle rot. Damon says the gun is gone and he'll trash the phone. Victor stares at Maggie's photo and Damon defends what they did to his boss.

Nicole arrives at Titan TV with her thumb drive. Daniel arrives with flowers. He has a reservation at Market Street for a dinner date with her. She sighs and claims she has to work. He talks her into ditching work for the night.

Eric stops by Serena's. She tells him Nicole cleared the air. He explains that some pieces arrived from Africa that she wanted to see. She's excited about this but when she checks her laptop, she notices that Nicole stole her files. She yells about Nicole wanting to bury the hatchet in her back. Eric says he'll handle this. He calls Titan TV but Nicole's gone.

Paul arrives at Sonix offices, ready to come out. He talks about losing the one man who asked him to marry him because he was too much of a coward to say yes. Will is supportive. Paul says he'd say yes if he could get a second chance. Meanwhile, Sonny arrives outside.

Dan and Nic arrive at his place and he undresses. Nicole gets ideas but he dashes to his room to change. Nicole considers dumping the files she copied. Daniel returns decked out and they open the door to Serena and Eric. Serena starts yelling.

Abby meets Ben in the square and tells him about her talk with Victor and his new job. Ben appreciates her support but is surprised that Victor doesn't mind that he's Clyde's son. Abby calls Victor an old softie.

From Sonny's, Kate leaves a message for Clyde to meet later.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Stefano advises Chad to focus on his original plan.

Paul makes an admission to Will.

Sonny overhears something curious from Kate.

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