At the pub, when Chase asks, Aiden refuses to bring Hope and Ciara along to the beach house. Hope says she's off to see Shawn Douglas anyway. The kids go off and Aiden worries about how his son will take it going back to the place his mother died. Hope thinks Chase needs closure and decides to cancel her plans so she can be there for them. Aiden comes around and they hug. The kids return and are told about the plans. They're happy but Aiden looks worried. He consoles himself, saying it's only for a few hours.

At the Kiriakis manse, Damon says one of Weston's guys is dealing in the park. Victor's angered and tells Damon to make sure 'it's clean'. He doesn't want a war. Rafe interrupts. Damon goes and Rafe asks why Victor's hanging around with someone like Damon. He offers to help if things get messy but Victor wants his focus to be on the club.

In the square, Ben thanks Clyde for bailing him out of jail. Abby turns up and asks Ben what set him off but Ben won't say and asks her to leave it alone. Clyde promises Ben won't go to jail. "Not as long as I have breath." He accompanies Ben to TBD to get his things.

When Jordan arrives at the DiMera mansion, Chad flashes to seeing her kiss Rafe and is cold toward her. Jordan's confused. She begs him not to press charges against Ben. He's cruel and thinks she'd do anything, including sleeping with him right now, to get Ben off the hook. Her temper flares but she reins it in. Chad tells her Ben's going to pay for what he did and leaves her in the library alone.

At the hospital, Jenn goes over Eric's proofs and notices a photo of Serena Mason. He tells Jenn they've been reconnecting and talks about how she and Nicole fought and it hurt his relationship with Daniel. Jenn's sympathetic.

As Daniel's showering at home, Serena drops off a book for Melanie. Nicole asks her to stay and hash things out but Serena's suspicious. Daniel comes out of the shower in a towel and Serena runs off. Nicole explains what was going on and Daniel calls Nicole 'a good girl' for remaining civil with Serena. They make love and Daniel's paged. Nic calls Serena to clear the air.

Clyde searches TBD but doesn't find Chad so Ben heads in to get his things. Victor calls and asks for a meeting in the park. Jordan interrupts and thanks him for bailing Ben out. She tells him she spoke to Chad about Ben but he's being 'really weird'. Clyde bets the fight was about her. He goes.

Abby stops Chad in the square and asks if he's okay. He shrugs and plays the injured party. He didn't realize how possessive Ben is of her until now.

Dan arrives at the hospital and is told another doctor took his place in ER. He calls Nicole to ask her to meet in the park to throw snowballs around and then runs into Eric who wants to discuss Nicole and Serena. Daniel tells his friend about the girls' attempt to make amends this morning.

From outside Serena's room, Nicole calls Ted and they scheme to get the goods on Serena. Serena lets Nicole in and admits she Googled her. Nicole isn't proud of some of the things she did in her past. Serena gets a call and goes into the bathroom to take it. Nicole takes the opportunity to download files from her laptop.

Clyde calls someone and tells them he's in University Park on the way to meet Victor Kiriakis. He assumes Victor wants to back down. Damon steps out from behind some trees and shoots Clyde in the chest and leaves him for dead.

Abby arrives home and tells Jenn about Ben's arrest. Jenn thinks Ben needs help, considering this isn't the first time he went off on Chad. Abby says she'll be the one to help him. She runs out.

At Ben's, Jordan offers to pay for a lawyer. Ben says she can't keep bailing him out. Besides, Clyde's working on that. He asks how she and Chad are doing.

Rafe runs into Chad by TBD and they have words about Ben and then Jordan. Rafe doesn't think Chad deserves her but assumes Jordan will learn how much of a scumbag Chad is once Ben's thrown in jail. Chad goes pale.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Serena realizes what Nicole did and confronts her.

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