In the Kiriakis library, Victor won't sell DiMera stocks back to Kate. Talk turns to Clyde. She picked up an unsettling vibe at the club last night. He retorts, "Should I call you Celeste?" Kate says she doesn't want things to get ugly between the men but Victor says it's gone beyond that.

In the woods, Jeremiah tells Clyde that old man Kiriakis isn't going to roll over and play dead. Clyde thinks he'll regret it. Jeremiah can have specialists here by tonight.

At the pub, Aiden tells Hope he got an offer on the beach house. Chase and Ciara arrive and Ciara gets pie from Caroline while Aiden takes Chase aside and tells Chase the news. Chase is bummed so Aiden promises to 'make it up to him' by taking him on a trip. Chase wants to go to the beach house one last time so Aiden acquiesces. Ciara returns to Hope saying Grandma forgot the sugar so they should come back later. When Chase goes to Ciara and Hope to invite them to Puget Sound, Aiden shouts, "No!"

At the hospital, Serena tells Dan she Googled Nicole. He grimaces. She gets into his business and brings up Nicole's past. He tells her he doesn't need a recap of Nicole's misgivings but she keeps trashing Nicole and says she plans on doing something about her. Still, she wants her and Dan to be on good terms so they agree to keep Nicole out of their friendship.

Marlena stops by Eric's, worried Nicole is going to ruin everything for Eric and Serena. Eric would prefer if Nicole lived in another continent. He's worried he'll lose Serena before they can see where their relationship is headed. Later, Marlena has gone and Serena arrives. She assures him that they're fine and they make a date for later.

Nicole's anonymous source, Ted Carpenter, shows up at Titan TV. He tells her about how he worked with Serena and she stole his work. His reputation was gutted. If she wants the story, the proof is on Serena's computer. Nicole will think about it. He tells her not to think too long because if Serena suspects something is up she'll destroy the evidence.

At Salem U, Paige forgives Cole. Rory watches as they make plans. When Cole goes, Rory walks up. He can't believe she's into bad boys now. He doesn't get it.

JJ and Eve make out like crazy at Alice's. They pull back and Eve races out. She runs into Jennifer coming in. Eve covers and Jenn kicks her out. She can tell Eve was hiding something and demands JJ tell her. He doesn't want to. She tells him she's not trying to pry, but then she does. JJ tells her he was asking Eve to get Paige to stay away from Cole. Jenn relaxes. She can see JJ's still into Paige - so why can't he fix things with her?

Kate meets Clyde at TBD for lunch. He toasts to 'Salem, heaven on earth'. She tells him about her meeting with Victor. He calls their competition healthy but she says that's not what Victor is calling it. Clyde gets a call that Ben's been arrested and excuses himself.

Eve runs to Salem U to have lunch with Paige but she has class. Eve brings up her talk with Theresa and asks her daughter not to obsess about who JJ slept with. She calls JJ a 'smug pathetic loser'. Paige reveals that JJ told one of his friends that what he did was a mistake. Eve hopes this doesn't mean she's going to forgive him.

Nicole goes to Dan's with an apology. She grovels and says she can live with him not hating Serena. They make out and are interrupted on their way to the bedroom to have make up sex by Nicole's phone. As he showers, she deals with her boss and answers the door to Serena.

At Victor's, Damon arrives with a list of names of men Jeremiah offered contracts to work with Clyde. Damon can take care of Jeremiah but Victor says no, "This fish stinks from the head."

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole lulls Serena into a false sense of security.

Chad realizes he made a big mistake.

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