At Daniel's, Melanie tells her father she and Brady are dating. He laughs. She must have known he needed cheering up. She's serious and explains what's been happening, which is nothing but the possibility of something. He's baffled. Is she out of her mind? He's worried about Brady being good for her right now, considering. Plus, Brady's older. Mel reminds him she's been through a lot, too. She tells him how Maggie found out and asks for his blessing. He gives it to her but still looks concerned. Later, after he leaves, Maggie arrives and Mel updates her on telling her father. Maggie worries about Brady making big decisions during his recovery but Melanie thinks he should get "time off for good behavior."

At the square, Theresa tells Brady that hooking up with him was the worst mistake she ever made. He wishes her good luck in screwing up her life. She sees a baby and hyperventilates and Brady becomes concerned. Eve runs over and they try to figure out what's wrong but Theresa's not even sure. She jumps up and blames Brady. He leaves and Theresa's eyes are wild. She's snippy with Eve and takes the focus off her. She brings up Paige coming to her, asking if she's been with JJ. She calls Paige book smart but 'street dumb' if she thinks she'd be anywhere around JJ again. Eve goes and Clint walks up. Theresa wants to call in sick but Anne finds her and tells her to get back to work. Clint gets in Anne's face so Theresa decides to go back to work.

JJ hauls off and hits Cole at Salem U. Paige tells JJ to back off. What she does is none of his business anymore. JJ calls Cole a player. She tells him to leave and once he does, she apologizes to Cole. He's surprised she and JJ aren't tight anymore. A lot changed since he was in rehab. He assumes JJ hooked up with someone else. He again apologizes for planting drugs on her and mentions how hard it is to fit in. She's compassionate. He shows her an app that turns his words into a song. They laugh together. Nearby, JJ calls Eve and asks to meet at his place.

At TBD, Ben tells Abigail Tad's worried they'll get laid off because the new club is taking some of their business. Abigail doesn't think they need to worry.

Chad walks in on Jordan kissing Rafe at the hospital. Dazed, he walks out, unseen, and throws the bouquet of flowers away. Jordan shoves Rafe away. It's over between them. Rafe apologizes for being out of line but she can't trust Chad. He leaves.

Chad walks into TBD in a mood. He sees Ben kissing Abigail. She leaves and he goes to Ben. Nearby, Abe tells John that this is the third incident down by the docks. He's glad John's on board. Meanwhile, Chad taunts Ben, telling him that Abigail isn't nearly as good in bed as Ben's sister is. Ben attacks Chad and they fight. Abe and John pull the men off each other and learn this isn't the first time this has happened. Abe takes Chad to the ER and John calls Rafe over to collaborate. Rafe isn't happy to admit it has happened so John's forced to arrest Ben.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis mansion to get a few things straight with Brady about Melanie. He loves his friend and won't get in the way if he thinks this could be a good thing but if he breaks Melanie's heart, he'll have to deal with him. Brady will never hurt her. Dan leaves and Mel pops up. They decide to go on a date and make out a little.

Chad is treated at the hospital and Jordan and Abby race to his side. He blames Ben. Abby wonders what Chad did to provoke Ben. Despite Jordan's reservations, Chad asks Abe to arrest Ben. Anne, her wrap dress, and Theresa arrive and Anne chastises her friend for seeing Clint, the druggie, loser, control-freak. Theresa's turned on most by Clint because he's nothing like Brady.

Eve meets JJ at the Horton house. JJ tells her she needs to keep Paige away from Cole because he's a drug dealer and user. Eve swears to take care of it. He asks how - is she going to have sex with him? She moves to hit him and he catches her arm. They lock eyes.

At home, Maggie advises Dan to accept that the time has come that Melanie will make her own decisions. He should just be there for her. They hug.

From the park, Clint calls someone and tells them he made contact with "The Donovan Broad." If something happens, he'll know how to handle the situation.

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Nicole meets with her anonymous source.

Victor and Clyde's war ramps up.

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