Jenn goes to Daniel's for help with JJ. Daniel's giving a lecture at Salem U soon so he'll drop by to talk to JJ. Jenn's thankful she can still count on him.

At Salem U, Daphne tells Paige that Bev really didn't sleep with JJ. JJ and Rory walk up and things are tense. They walk away. Rory says Paige really does hate JJ. JJ calls it warranted. Rory wants to talk about girls but JJ's a real drag. Daniel pops up and asks JJ if he has time to talk. Rory says JJ's got all the time in the world now that he has dumped "Debbie Downer." When the guys leave, Rory tries to high five them but they ignore him.

Jeremiah meets Clyde in the woods to tell him Kiriakis is pushing back. Clyde flashes to threatening Victor and tells Jeremiah he must not have made himself clear with Mr. Kiriakis. They've got to remedy that.

At home, Victor tells Rafe the numbers from the club opening exceeded expectations. He loves obscene amounts of money. He credits Rafe. Everyone had a good time except Rafe's ex, but who wouldn't be miserable dating a DiMera? Vic brings up Clyde trying to take over his town. Rafe offers to go after Clyde legally.

Chad and Jordan make love at his place and he apologizes for bringing her to the club last night. He asks what's going on with Ben buddying up to Clyde and Jordan becomes uncomfortable. She decides to get to work.

Melanie and Brady meet at TBD to talk about dating. They talk about their connection as friends and Mel thinks they should give dating a chance. Brady says, "In a word, ditto." They can finally start dating. Brady laughs when she tells him some people call her impulsive. They consider telling their families before Theresa finds out. They backtrack. What if they hate dating? It goes on like this for some time. Jenn interrupts, surprised to see them together. Mel lies that she was complaining about work and Jenn gets on the offensive. Is it about Anne? Mel says no and it's awkward so Jenn runs off. Brady and Melanie agree they're both not smooth at all. She goes off to spill to her dad.

Theresa dreams about being injected with a syringe and wakes up with a start, and in bed next to Clint. She wants to stay in bed all day but he's got things to do. He tells her this isn't a brush off. She calls him Cliff and he chuckles and corrects her. "Clint."

Chad winds up at the square and on a call, cancels his meetings and buys flowers.

At the hospital, Rafe catches Jordan crumpling a news pamphlet about Clyde's donation. Rafe noticed how Clyde affected her last night and asks for help in putting the guy behind bars. Jordan flashes to Clyde warning her not to screw things up for him and Ben or he will come clean about what she did to her mother. She tells Rafe there's no dirt on Clyde. She doesn't want him to get hurt. He brings up her dating a DiMera. She doesn't want to talk about that. Rafe admits he still loves her and hopes she'll forgive him for sleeping with Kate. She tears up. He kisses her and she responds just as Chad walks in. Paige stops by the hub and talks to Theresa. They get their wires crossed when Theresa admits she did it but Eve put her up to 'it'. What's the big deal? "He's no worse for the wear. It was a nice change of pace for him," she says. Paige's close to vomiting and Theresa thinks she's overreacting. She only implied that grandpa was sicker than he was. Theresa sighs in relief and asks when she last saw JJ. Theresa reminds her niece they hate each other. Clint arrives and they leave Paige there.

At Daniel's, he wants JJ to open up but he only says he screwed up royally with Paige. Dan suggests he apologize. JJ goes and Mel arrives. She stumbles over her words in an attempt to tell her dad about Brady.

Victor meets Clyde in the park and they get territorial.

Rory sees JJ outside the pub. JJ says he got some good advice from Dan. He plans on apologizing to Paige but can't tell her what he did. Rory's confused. He's not sure Paige needs protection. JJ agrees, maybe she can handle more than he thinks.

Brady spots Clint and Theresa kissing at the square. Clint goes to take a call and Brady stops by to ask if she's okay. Theresa laughs about him defending her honor. She taunts Brady about sleeping with Clint.

Back at Salem U, Cole apologizes to Paige for planting those drugs in her backpack. JJ comes upon them and angrily tells Cole to back off.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Things get heated between Eve and JJ again.

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