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In Paul's hotel room, Will says he fell in love with the first man he was with and it was right. Paul says if that's the case, then why did they have sex? He moves in close and reminds Will he never said he didn't want it to happen again. He caresses Will's arm and they start kissing. Off come the shirts but Will stops things when he flashes to marrying Sonny. "This can't happen again." Paul's not happy. Will says he was flattered that someone like him would find him interesting. Whatever he decides, Will must submit some form of the story - soon. After some discussion, Paul decides to come out but he needs time to choose his words. Paul's glad he met Will. Will says, "Me too." He goes and puts on his wedding band. Later, Paul calls his mom to invite her and his grandfather to Salem but she barks that it's not possible right now. They're busy. He's disappointed and after they hang up, he mopes that they'll read about him coming out.

At Victor's mansion, one of the dock workers, Mr. Damon, tells Victor that Ambrose has seen a doctor and is resting at home. The men are upset because there've been no issues on the docks since 2009. Victor says a hillbilly named Clyde is to blame. Dude wonders what a hillbilly is doing in their business. Victor asks, "Is that rhetorical?" He explains why Clyde's there and says he'll handle it. Maggie interrupts.

At Rafe's club, he tells Clyde to drink up and then get out. He's not welcomed in there. Kate thinks this is about Jordan but Rafe says as management, he reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Clyde wonders if this has to do with Kate, but Rafe denies that. Kate wonders if Rafe wants the bad publicity that would go along with banning them from the club. By the coat room, Ben tells Jordan Clyde's trying to make up for past mistakes. Jordan calls it a sham. She remembers Clyde's warning about getting in his way and tells her brother she doesn't want to lose him. Nearby, Chad tries to stop Abby from running to Ben and insinuates that Ben's lying to her. Chad's worried for her. Abby calls him a jerk. They head back inside to separate tables and Clyde and Kate take their own table. Maggie and Victor turn up. Maggie gushes over how gorgeous the club is while Victor doesn't like that "Stefano sent his bastard spawn over here to check us out." Maggie thinks he'll have to get used to serving people worse than DiMeras. "What's worse than a DiMera?" Victor asks, before spotting Clyde. Rafe walks up and Vic says he doesn't want to cater to the "Duck Dynasty" crowd. Rafe says he tried to throw Clyde out earlier. Victor admits he has ammunition against Weston they can use. Clyde goes to congratulate Victor on the club but is put on notice for attacking his employees. They argue and Clyde calls Victor a 'shadow of a man' who used to run this town. He tells him to enjoy his retirement. Nearby, Maggie learns Clyde's the one who gave the money to Abby's project and goes to introduce herself. When Clyde kisses Maggie's hand, steam comes out of Victor's ears. They part and having seen the display, Rafe privately asks Victor not to go doing anything drastic. Ben and Abby are ready to go and when Ben says goodbye, he calls Clyde dad. Clyde's visibly touched and after they're gone, he tells Kate this is the first time it's ever happened. She's happy things are progressing. Kate comments on how Victor looked at Clyde with such hatred. Clyde's not worried. Kate warns that he's lethal. As they kiss, Rafe stands nearby and shakes his head.

At Sonny's, John, and Marlena visit with Arianna and wonder what Will's up to. John talks about hiring a new creative director at Basic Black while keeping a stake in the company. Marlena wants him to follow his heart. Sonny's just glad to see Marlena and John back together.

In the park, Jordan says she felt like Cinderella when Chad turned up at the hospital with that dress. He calls her stunning and she thinks he looks like a prince. They kiss. She promises not to let anyone get in their way.

Marlena and John have coffee at TBD. Marlena worries for Will and Sonny's marriage.

In the square, Ben's quiet. He tells Abby he got locked in a room for not calling Clyde 'dad', yet it came out so naturally. What if Jordan's right and Clyde hasn't changed at all? Abby thinks he should give Clyde a chance.

Will heads home and Sonny tells him that TBD lost money tonight because of the new club. They argue over not being able to pay the bills. Will wants him to take a handout from Victor but Sonny won't.

Back at the manse, Victor's preoccupied with Clyde and Maggie calls him on it. Victor admits he doesn't like the man.

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