At the nightclub door, Eric and Daniel realize Serena and Nicole are both in there together. Inside, Nicole and Serena have a shoving match that turns into a full-out catfight. Rafe breaks it up as Eric and Daniel rush in. The girls go at it verbally over the spilled drink. Rafe apologizes for Nicole's temper as Eric takes Serena out. Nicole is aggravated. Rafe says it's his first night. Daniel agrees he doesn't deserve this. Nicole apologizes but wonders why she's always the one who has to say sorry.

Outside Brady's Pub, Kate tells Abigail she owes her an apology for causing a scene at the hospital. Abigail thinks she did it purposely and suggests she apologize to Jordan. Abigail calls her petty and jealous. Kate says she doesn't like Jordan and never will.

At Club TBD, Tad and Ben worry about the nightclub taking business away. Chad appears and tells Ben he won't lose his job as long as he's dating Jordan. Ben takes offense. Chad apologizes and then baits him again by saying Clyde bought him. Ben says no one buys him. Abigail arrives as Ben has Chad by the lapels. Chad tells Ben to grow a pair and apologize. After, Tad offers to close so Abigail and Ben can leave together.

In her office, Jordan flashes to Clyde telling her about the baby. Clyde enters. He says the way he told her about her mama, he did her wrong. Clyde admits he can't always control his temper. She remembers. He says his actions went way beyond the pale. He gave the money to the hospital so she would be happy. Jordan mocks him. "It's just another string of lies." She reminds him Tammy Sue is a strong person who knows how to fight - she won't forget that again. Later, Chad brings Jordan a dress. "You've had enough." She agrees.

In the park, Paul tells Will his grandfather would be heartbroken if he came out. Will suggests he give his family a chance. Paul accuses Will of only caring about his story, but apologizes after. They decide to talk it through at Paul's hotel.

In a dark outside area, Clyde's man tells him one of Kiriakis' men got hurt pretty badly. This time Kiriakis should get the message.

At Paul's hotel, he and Will discuss his doubts about coming out. Will's only regret is that he didn't come out sooner. Will says Paul will help a lot of people; he'll be a hero. Paul wonders if he'd find the man of his dreams. Will says he did. Paul wonders why Will slept with him then. Will says it shouldn't have happened. Paul moves in close; Will never said he didn't want it to happen again.

In Brady's Pub, Clyde tells Kate he's taking her for a celebration.

At Eric's place, he tells Serena he's sorry they ran into Nicole. Serena admits she got to her, but she can take it. When it becomes clear there will be no sex, Serena decides she'll head to the hotel. Eric assures her Nicole won't wreck what they have. Outside, Serena searches online and says, "This is what I'm up against."

At Daniel's place, Nicole wonders if he really believes she spilled her drink by accident. He does. They kiss and decide they'll go to her place. Nicole calls Serena names. "Don't you agree?" Daniel won't lie and say he hates her. Steamed, Nicole leaves. Daniel texts Eric to call. He does, and calls Nicole 'poison'. Daniel is offended.

Rafe greets Ben and Abigail as they arrive at the nightclub. He tells them it's going good with only a few bumps. Clyde and Kate enter. Through a gritted teeth smile, Rafe says, "Oh great more bumps." They invite themselves to sit with Ben and Abigail. Chad and Jordan arrive, but she spots Clyde and exits. Ben follows. She asks, "What the hell has Clyde done to you?" Chad stops Abigail from interfering. Rafe tells Clyde and Kate to drink up and go - they're not welcome there.

In the park, Nicole calls the informant. She's the one to expose Serena.

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