At home, Will and Sonny deal with financial issues, deciding to use credit cards to make ends meet. Will says Sonix refuses to front him money until they see the story, which should go international once it's ready. Sonny's impressed. Will must be asking the right questions. Will's mouth works as he flashes to sex with Paul. Lucas arrives to babysit since Adrienne hasn't responded yet. Will goes to work and after Sonny's gone, Adrienne arrives. They decide to co-babysit. Lucas says he ran into Paul Narita, a famous pitcher. Has she ever heard of him? Adrienne pulls a face and covers. Lucas laughs when he learns Sonny and Will are getting old before their time, playing cribbage. Lucas and Adrienne decide to play.

Eric drops by Serena's place with the photo of the King Vulture she chose, blown up, and framed. Things get passionate so Eric stops things. Her envelope falls to the floor and Eric picks it up and looks inside. She tells him to stop, before he sees the photos of him half nude in a bed. They head out to the new club and the camera pans to the photo of the vulture.

Nicole drops by Daniel's place and they kiss passionately. Dan goes to take a cold shower since they want to make the new club opening. Nicole takes a call from her anonymous source who asks if she wants the story about Serena Mason or not. She chooses not to and winds up showering with Daniel. She admits she sent an anonymous source away. She'd rather be with him.

At the mansion, Brady and Melanie can't decide whether or not they should date. They kiss and Maggie catches them in the act. She gasps. They both talk at once, over each other, trying to explain and Maggie tells them to be quiet and reprimands them. Maggie worries that it's too soon for Brady since he's still in recovery. Mel reminds her that she fell for Victor while in AA but Maggie worries it's not love with Mel and Brady. Brady thinks at least they'll know where they stand if they go for it. Maggie agrees not to say anything but hopes they keep the lines of communication open. She leaves the doors wide open when she leaves and they burst out laughing, feeling as though they're teenagers. Mel heads home.

Theresa and Anne arrive at the new club, which is hopping. Anne gets drinks and Theresa and Rafe introduce themselves. Rafe knows her father Shane, who saved his life. Theresa realizes Rafe's her cousin Sami's ex and can't go there. Anne brings drinks and flirts with Rafe. She tells Theresa she saw him strip and he's got 'more layer's'. Eric and Serena arrive and learn Rafe's running the joint. Theresa accidentally hits on Eric when his back is turned. She's embarrassed but acts as though she knew it was him. She goes back to Anne. They talk about the hot guys at the club but Theresa says, "It's full of ex-cops and ex-priests. Even if this room were like full of great guys, it's like having a family reunion on Temptation Island." She has to go, and drags a dancing Anne off. Nicole and Daniel arrive and greet Rafe. He gets Nic a drink while Dan goes to get his cell from his car. Rafe has to attend to business. Daniel returns and sees Eric. He worries when he learns Serena's there. Back at the bar, Nicole accidentally drops her drink on Serena. She apologizes but Serena accuses her of doing it on purpose. As Serena stomps off, she bumps Nic with her hip, which starts a war of shoving.

Will has Paul meet at some office instead of his hotel room so he won't lose focus. Paul asks how it was for Will coming out. Will is brief with his story but brings up his family support and the support of a special man. Paul says he had someone like that in his life but he pushed him away. When Will asks about Paul's family, Paul jumps up and exclaims that he can't do this. He can't come out. Will runs after him.

Sonny and Tad comment on how dead it is at TBD. Tad asks if Vic's trying to run them out of business. Sonny admits he was offered the club but turned it down. Tad finds that nuts. They close shop.

Anne and Theresa end up at Mandalay. Anne groans about leaving the club early but a guy catches Theresa's eye. Anne goes back to the club and Theresa introduces herself to Clint, who thinks it's a crime to party alone.

Sonny returns home and Lucas laughingly complains that Adrienne took him for a ride playing crib. They banter and Lucas goes.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole's upset when she doesn't feel Daniel supports her.

Paul hears something surprising about Will.

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