At Daniel's place, Melanie makes a date with Brady by phone. Daniel asks who her date is with. Melanie acts cagey and goes to get ready. Daniel redials the number on the phone. Brady answers. Daniel asks if Brady can return his mountain It can wait if he's busy. Brady agrees to come and texts Mel with a heads-up, but she doesn't see it. Mel emerges looking nice. Daniel teases her. There's a knock - it's Brady. Mel reads the text as Daniel and Brady chat. She leaves for her date. Daniel invites Brady to stay but he leaves too.

At home, JJ tells Jennifer he hooked up with someone else. Jenn asks if Paige knows. JJ says he told her. Jenn asks if he cares about the girl. JJ says he hates her guts. Maggie arrives and JJ heads out. Jenn follows and asks him if he used protection. He grimaces and takes off. Jenn rejoins Maggie, who reassures her before leaving. Jenn tells herself she'll find a way to get through to JJ.

At the park, Paige tells Eve she knows JJ slept with someone she knows by the way he was talking. The person knew how she felt about JJ but went ahead and slept with him anyway. Eve insists knowing who the woman is will only make her feel worse - she should be grateful JJ showed his true colors. Paige says everything reminds her of JJ. Eve suggests they leave town. Paige won't run away. After, Eve swears and punches a message into her phone. JJ arrives and they argue. Eve warns him not to mess this up; Paige can never find out about them.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad confronts Kate about painting her hillbilly boyfriend as a saint for funding Jordan's charity project. Kate denies having any involvement. She complains that Abigail and Jordan could hardly run a hairdryer together. Chad gets angry and hollers at her to back off Jordan. Kate muses that Chad is morphing into his dad in ways, but is clueless in the romance department. "Jordan is playing you like a wall-eyed pike."

At Club TBD, Abigail tells Ben she thinks everything will still be okay even though Jordan knows the donation came from Clyde. Ben snaps at her and they argue. Abigail thinks Jordan will stop being mad at him. Ben realizes where Jordan may have gone.

At Clyde's place, he holds Jordan up against the door and tells her her mama was pregnant when she died. She killed the baby too. He screams at her, "Where were you going?" Jordan realizes they were going to see the doctor because of the baby. Clyde accuses Jordan of doing what she did because she knew her mother wouldn't leave him like she wanted. He makes her drink scotch and talks about regretting what he did to Jordan - he'll answer to his maker for that, but now she needs to let him have a chance with Ben. Otherwise, he'll tell Ben she killed their mother and the baby. Jordan takes another shot. Ben arrives, sees Jordan's crying and asks Clyde what he did to her. Jordan claims they talked things out and apologizes for flying off the handle. She leaves for the hospital. Clyde and Ben discuss Jordan realizing the funding is a good thing. Kate arrives and apologizes to Ben for pressuring him into outing Clyde as the donor. Ben goes. Kate and Clyde make out and gloat about their successful plan. Clyde mentions Victor not liking him. "Maybe it's because I've got you."

At the hospital, Abigail complains to Chad that he let Jordan believe he was the donor. Chad says he had no idea she thought that. Abigail tells him Ben's upset with her. Chad says he's a fool if he stays mad. Jordan arrives, apologizes, and wants to get to work. Abigail is glad they're working this out.

Maggie visits Daniel and tells him she'll always have reservations about Nicole. Dan says Melanie said the same thing. They want him happy. Daniel insists his eyes are wide open. Dan gets a call from Jenn and agrees to talk tomorrow about JJ.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Melanie discuss the awkward scene at Daniel's. They wonder if they're crazy for considering this and debate about what Daniel would think. They are kissing when Maggie enters and gasps.

At Brady's Pub, Paige tells her friend she slapped JJ. Her friend suggests she forget about him. Paige vows to find out who he slept with if it's the last thing she does.

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