In the park, Marlena tells Rafe Gabi's afraid Rafe will want to leave Salem and she won't see him anymore. Rafe tells her about Victor's offer to run his new nightclub but he's a cop. Marlena likes the idea and hopes whatever he decides works out. She goes.

At the square, Hope apologizes for intruding when Aiden snaps at her for suggesting he keep his holiday home if Chase loves it so much. Chase goes off with Billy while Aiden apologizes on Chase's behalf and his own. Aiden says he sprung this on Chase and admits the house is a reminder of fighting and his wife's death. He doesn't want to be trapped in his past anymore. He sees his future in Hope. Hope is grateful to him for explaining. She leaves and Aiden finds Chase and they discuss selling the house. Chase begs him not to but Aiden made up his mind. He'll have their stuff sent to them in Salem. They'll make a good life there. Aiden thinks it's the best way to stop the hurting.

At Salem U, Paige demands to know who JJ slept with. When he's not forthcoming, she assumes she knows her. JJ tells her he never loved her and finds her a bore. She slaps him and yells to go to hell.

At the Horton home, Eve insists Jenn doesn't have a clue as to who her son is. Eve flashes to sex with JJ and tells Jennifer JJ's still the same bad boy he has always been. They argue and Eve brings up JJ's ancient history before walking out. JJ arrives and Jenn asks him to talk about the break up. He acts as though everything's okay but she's not buying that.

In his hotel room, Clyde throws Jordan on his bed and jumps on top of her. He yells that nothing he can do is good enough for her. He poses, ready to hit her and she gasps and tells him to go ahead and show her what a big man he is. He jumps off her and knocks back liquid courage. He shakily tells her to get out but she's not finished with him. She's done trying to figure him out and if Dr. Evans does, she deserves a Nobel Prize. Arguing ensues. She knows about the donation - Ben told her. He's surprised. She accuses him of wanting her to know and he smirks but says it hasn't helped their relationship. If he's so evil, why has he spent all these years covering for her? Jordan insists she loved her momma but Clyde thinks it's time Jordan remembered everything about that day. Overcome with emotion, Clyde tells her that her momma was pregnant and Jordan deliberately killed her and the baby boy.

At the hospital, Ben tells Abby Jordan will never forgive him. Anne pokes her head in looking for Tweedle Dum, Abby's partner. Ben goes and Anne gets sarcastic about Jordan going AWOL. Anne has concerns, knowing a little about tax law, she's worried the project could cost the hospital. Abby shows her legalese which covers the hospital and Anne appears happy with that. Abby agrees to change the legalese so it's easier to understand. Anne thinks maybe they'll be able to work together after all.

At the pub, Abe offers John a position on the SPD. John's surprised but Abe reminds him it's a chance to do work he thrives on. Besides, the SPD could really use him. Abe says to consider it, before he leaves. Marlena joins John and he tells her about the job offer, and that he was considering slowing down - stopping to smell the roses. "I think I'd rather chew glass, and I think you feel the same way," she says. She wants him to do something he loves. John calls her beautiful and kisses her hand. She melts.

At TBD, Ben sees Rafe and says he's sorry Rafe lost his job. He hopes he's not going to stop going after Chad. Rafe invites Ben to come forth if he hears anything about the guy. Abby arrives and neither she nor Ben has seen Jordan. They worry.

Eve finds Paige bawling at the park and snuggles her. Paige can't believe how mean JJ was with her. She admits she knows JJ slept with another girl. Someone she knows. Eve almost falls off the bench in shock.

In the woods, Abe and Hope discuss John and Rafe and the force. Hope opens up to Abe about her emotional conversation with Aiden. She says she's moving on and realized how different Aiden and Bo are. She doesn't know Aiden as well as she knew Bo. Abe suggests that will come in time. Hope wonders if there's more to Aiden's story than she knows.

Outside the pub, Rafe calls Victor and accepts the job offer.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Clyde forces Jordan to face a repressed memory.

Eve thinks she and Paige should move.

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