At the hospital, Kate accuses Jordan of soliciting cash from Chad. Ben blurts out that his father's the anonymous donor and Abigail cringes. Anne wants to continue with the story but Jordan realizes everyone knew and runs off. Chad, Ben and Abby run after her. Kate steps up and acts surprised. She tells the press Clyde Weston 'must be' the donor. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Jordan confronts Ben who apologizes and explains how it went down and that Clyde insisted on staying anonymous. Jordan calls him blind to Clyde's machinations. Anne finds them and tells them to get back to work, unless they want their project to fail? Chad offers to donate the money. Abby reminds Jordan that those who they offered to help will be let down if they don't act fast. Everyone heads back to the hub. Abby explains to the press that they plan to bring physical therapy and preventative care to seniors in their homes. Later, Anne is happy that at least the donor isn't "another beneficent Horton." Nearby, Chad rails on Ben for letting the cat out of the bag, and then goes to Kate for answers.

"What was that song and dance about?"
Kate responds, "I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket."
Chad says, "Aw shucks, you sound just like Clyde."

He assumes she knew Clyde was the donor in advance. She denies it and thinks the project is as doomed as the Titanic. Elsewhere, Jordan snaps that Clyde has tainted their project. She's disappointed in Ben and stomps off.

At Salem U, Paige miserably tells Daphne she and JJ broke up and that he cheated, likely with Bev. Bev stops by and boasts about how much fun her month-long cruise was. When she toddles off, Daphne urges her to find out who JJ really was with.

JJ remembers meeting Paige for the first time and then bumps into Eve at the square. She forces him to meet at the park nearby and once they do, they argue and JJ agrees not to tell Paige, though he thinks Eve would deserve it if Paige found out the truth.

Jenn and Hope return from seeing a movie and discuss their book club. Jenn can see Hope's distant and Hope admits Kayla doesn't approve of her dating or trusting Aiden. Hope goes on to explain the whole story and says now Bree's claiming Aiden threatened her. Jenn assumes Hope believes in him and Hope admits, "I love..." She grins and realizes she loves and trusts him. Jenn's happy. Hope says a part of her still loves Bo but she's also angry and disappointed in him. They look at Alice's photo. Hope misses Gran.

Aiden calls Bree from the park and tells her since she couldn't keep her mouth shut about him... She asks what he'll do. He doesn't think he needs to spell it out for her since she knows what he's capable of. They hang up. He has to stop her before she ruins everything.

From the Kiriakis mansion, Victor threatens Clyde's life. Victor has been running the trucking business in Salem for decades. Clyde should go back to "Assbend Missouri." Clyde thinks it's time for some new blood. There's a need for someone like him. "A hillbilly," Victor states. Clyde says no, he'll be more attentive and thinks he's doing Victor a favor. Clyde yells that he won't be run out of his home.

At the square, Aiden calls someone and says he has given it a lot of thought, and to call when 'it's been set in motion'. Chase arrives. He wants to go to the beach house and learns they're selling it. He's heartbroken and runs off and plows into Hope. He blames this all on her. He'll never forget about his mom! Hope insists she had no idea the house was for sale and suggests to Aiden that he keep the place. Aiden pointedly tells her to stay out of his business.

Eve drops by Jenn's and hands over a letter regarding the movie rights to Jack's book. She fishes for a reason behind JJ and Paige's break up and learns Jenn has no idea. Eve's relieved but argues about whether or not the kids belong together.

JJ arrives at Salem U and Paige wants to know who he slept with.

Jordan angrily confronts Clyde in his room. He throws her on his bed and jumps on top of her and covers her mouth before telling her to listen up.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Hope realizes Aiden has more story to tell.

John makes a change in his career.

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