In the square, Clyde encounters Rafe and notes that he's no longer on the force. Rafe says he's still not like him. Clyde baits him. "You think you're better than me?"

At Club TBD, Abigail tells Ben that the hospital is making the announcement today about Jordan's charity. Chad says nothing makes him happier than seeing Jordan get what she wants. Chad wants to be there to support Jordan and tells Ben he can leave work to go too. Ben and Abigail discuss Clyde being the donor. Ben says if Jordan knew it would kill her.

At the hospital, Jordan and Paul discuss his prognosis. She asks if he's told anyone. He flashes to sex with Will and says, "One person." Jordan reassures him he'll find another path. Anne interrupts and tells her Seth Burns wants the facts about her project - like the mystery donor. "What fool would fund a project Abigail Deveraux would be running?" Jordan is upset to hear Anne wants Burns to pull the plug. Jordan won't let her get away with it. Later, Chad arrives, followed by Abigail. Anne appears and says she'll take Jordan up on her offer to manage the project's money. Anne gets paged by Seth and warns them not to start without her. Abigail and Jordan agree about keeping your enemies close. Ben arrives.

At a nightclub site, Victor asks Sonny what he thinks of the place. Sonny reminds Victor he's a failure. Victor tells him about the man who was set to open the nightclub - he died suddenly and his wife wants nothing to do with it. Sonny tells Victor he was trying to do the nightclub venture on his own. Victor sniffs about Chad DiMera's money. Sonny can't let Victor buy this place for him. Victor already did. Sonny wishes him luck. Later, Rafe enters. Victor complains about Clyde the hillbilly and asks Rafe to run the nightclub for him. Rafe is hesitant.

In her room, Serena looks at shirtless photos of Eric and muses, "I can't screw this up." Derrick comes to the door. Serena accuses him of letting Nicole into her room. He needs this job. She asks him to tell her everything.

In her office, Nicole listens as the anonymous source tells her that Serena is a total fraud. Nicole decides she's not interested and hangs up. She tells herself she's with Daniel and Eric and his friend aren't her problem. She heads out to prepare for her date.

At his apartment, Will listens as Kate gives him advice about the article on Paul. Will says he did everything he could to make it happen. Will flashes to them having sex. They discuss Sonny. Will says he texted to say he was meeting his Uncle Victor. Kate encourages him to keep pushing for a breakthrough with Paul - she's proud of him. Once alone, Will says she wouldn't be so proud if she knew the truth. He types and muses, "I can't just out Paul Narita...unless that's what he really wants."

At Club TBD, Serena advises Nicole to get a life and stay the hell out of hers. Nicole insists she's not stalking her. Serena confronts her about breaking into her room. "You bribed a bellboy." Nicole suggests they put this behind them. Serena won't do that. She complains about what Nicole did to Eric, who can't trust anyone thanks to her. They hiss insults at each other. Serena orders Nicole to stay out of their lives or she'll pay a high price.

At the park, Paul tells Sonny his secret. "I'll never pitch again." He talks about being together. Sonny reminds him he's married. Paul asks, "But are you happy?" Sonny thinks Paul will always hide who he is. He's sorry about his arm. Nearby, Clyde's on the phone chuckling about knowing how to put the extra revenue to good use. He then calls Stefano to meet.

Kate arrives at the hospital as Anne is kicking off the announcement of Jordan's project. Kate says as a board member, she's not signing off on this. Anne assures her she's overseeing it. Kate says the donor needs to know kids are running it. Chad says the board has no say. Arguing ensues. Jordan insists the donor knows everything - she turns to Chad. "Tell her." Ben blurts that Chad is not the donor, his father is.

Sonny arrives at home, where Will has something he needs to tell him. Sonny blurts that he's lost all their money. Will gets a call from Paul, who is ready to tell the world.

In her room, Serena tells someone by phone that she put 'her' on notice.

At her office, Nicole calls the anonymous source back about Serena Mason.

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