Nicole and Daniel make love at his place. They hold each other and he tells her he accepts her 100%. He won't try to fix, save, or change her in any way. "I am done coming to the rescue." She's glad. He hopes she always cares for him but how she feels about him is not going to define him. He hopes they can get things right and says they both need to be completely honest. If she's not truly over Eric, they're done. Melanie's on her way home so they decide to get out of bed.

Serena wants to talk about something important with Eric at the pub. She tells him he lost a bet and shows him a piece of paper from years ago. She's collecting.

At the Kiriakis manse, Brady tells Maggie he never made it to a meeting but he definitely feels better. He talks about being ready for something new. Maggie reminds him that even good changes are hard on them. She asks him to take things slow. He agrees.

Melanie comes upon a sobbing Theresa at the hospital and asks why she's crying. Theresa rambles about some unfortunate baby who doesn't have her rattle and sobs. Mel asks if Theresa had a child and Theresa goes off on her. She doesn't want her fake pity. She hands over the forms and Melanie apologizes. Theresa stomps off. Melanie handles the rattle and starts to cry. She leaves with it. Later, Brady arrives to find Mel and Theresa barks that he should see her on his own territory. He calls her toxic and she appears hurt. He reminds her about her past and how she pushed him for one more line or drink. He's happy he's done with her. She assumes something is going on with him and the 'beanpole with red hair'. Brady basically admits it and goes on to say he's glad Theresa wasn't pregnant. They wouldn't have been able to handle it. Theresa's offended and hurt when he tells her he doesn't even think she knows how to love. She fights tears as he leaves.

At Will and Sonny's, Paul plays with Arianna on the sofa. Will arrives. "Get away from my daughter," he says, while smiling at Ari. Paul explains Sonny stepped out for a bit and he's there to clear the air between them. He mentions being in town to get to know his father. Will scoffs at that. He trashes John, saying he seduced Marlena while she was married to Roman and calls Tori a whore. Paul warns Will to stop it but when he doesn't, Paul belts him across the head. Sonny walks in and yells, "Will!" Will's out cold. Once he comes to, Sonny tells Paul to get out. Paul apologizes and goes. Will refuses to go to the hospital. Sonny asks what prompted Paul to hit him and Will claims he doesn't know but says clearly Paul will do all he can to get Sonny back. Sonny professes his love for Will. Will says he needs him - he missed him. They kiss passionately.

Will and Paul have sex a second time as Sonny knocks on the door. Paul is too busy kissing Will so Sonny runs into Derrick and asks if he can drop something off in Paul's room. Inside, Will stops Paul and says this can't happen again. Outside, Derrick considers this. He'll let Sonny in but not alone. He unlocks the door and they both get an eyeful... of Paul in a robe! Will's showering his guilt away while Paul tells the guys he was just about to shower. Derrick and Sonny apologize and Sonny hands over the home-run ball. Paul wants him to keep it. They share a nice moment which is ruined when Will turns off the shower. Sonny appears upset at Paul's lie and goes. Will returns to the room, not realizing anyone was there. They discuss what comes next for Paul's future. Will asks Paul to consider coming out. It'd give him the opportunity to have an impact on people's lives. Later, Derrick watches him leave.

At TBD, Nicole thinks back to Daniel slamming the door in her face. She laments not telling him about her investigation. Maggie drops by and asks Nicole not to hurt her son. Nicole says that's the last thing she wants to do and asks if she will let her into Daniel's apartment. Maggie refuses. She recalls what happened last time she let Serena in. She goes and Nic calls Eric. He comes by and she tells him she wants to make peace with Serena. He doesn't believe her. She brings up the African elephant statues and Eric admits there were two and that Parker fell in love with one. Eventually he goes and Nicole is positive the elephant isn't just a trinket. She gets an idea and calls Daniel's superintendent, Lou, for help getting into Daniel's apartment.

At Sonny's, Adrienne laments Lucas is the only one she has confided in about her issues in her marriage. Lucas says he's comfortable - like an old shoe. She laughs and says they may not have always gotten along but he's always been honest with her and sensitive.

In the park, JJ gets Eve on camera and accuses her of planting drugs on him. She tries to grab the cell phone and they struggle. He tells her he backed it up and threatens to expose her unless..."We need to go somewhere more private." Eve snipes, "I wouldn't cross the street with you." He says that's her prerogative. They can go see Captain Carver.

Eric takes Serena back to his place and they make out. She wants him but he can't do it. She wonders if he's not over Nicole. He is. They find a photo for her to keep of his that settles their long ago bet.

Paul stomps through the square, rubbing his hand, wondering what he was thinking.

Serena meets Eric in the park. She needs to make a decision about her future today or the company in Hawaii will offer the position to someone else.
Outside of Daniel's apartment, Nicole's expecting Lou when Xander appears.

On the next Days of our Lives:

JJ arranges for a surprise for Paige.

Eve and Paige have a big confrontation!

Maggie finds Melanie in the square. She says she was thinking about the baby she and PhillyK lost. Their child would have been almost as old as Parker. Maggie's sorry. Mel says she and Philip weren't right. Maggie has to rush off to Chicago with Victor for skating championships.

Mel arrives home and takes in the romantic scenery. She learns Dan's dating Nicole. She doesn't appear happy about it but if Nic makes him happy, fine. As long as Daniel gives her the same respect with whoever she decides to date.

Back at work, Nicole receives an anonymous call from a man with a scoop about Serena Mason, with whom he calls a total liar.

Back home, Sonny shows Adrienne that Paul let him keep the ball.

Back in her room, Serena takes out the documents from her safe. She can't blow this!

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole is tempted by the scoop on Serena.

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