Daniel arrives home to his apartment filled with candles and flowers and a note from Nicole with an apology and a request for a do over. She's outside. Surprised, Daniel lets her in and she asks for a chance to make their night special. They almost kiss but Daniel pulls away. Nicole tells Daniel she isn't on the rebound. She wants him to start over. He responds with a kiss. She explains that when he pushes her away it feeds on her insecurity and she becomes obsessive. She really just wants to connect with him in every way. They kiss. Dan's worried about making another mistake but Nic wants to move on. She has moved on. They kiss some more and Dan's overcome with emotion. He takes her to bed where they make love.

At the manse, Melanie and Brady admit there's something between them. They agree it's "weird, disorienting, unsettling," and share a moment. They agree to make a date to talk about having a date. It's still awkward so Melanie extends her hand. "Later dude." They shake and she heads back to work.

Serena and Eric walk in on Theresa in the lounge holding the baby rattle and looking shaken. (Sorry for the pun!) Eric takes Theresa aside, knowing she's upset. She calls him a good person. "Good people confuse me." He tells her to call anytime and goes. She leaves a message for Melanie to get to the hospital.

Rafe finds Lucas walking the square. Lucas says Christmas with Sami and the kids was good - he and Sami tried their best. Rafe knew the kids loved EJ. Lucas says Johnny was the most affected. He outgrew his FBI jacket so Lucas asks if Rafe can hook him up with Salem Police gear. Rafe frowns and admits he can't, he's off the force. He can't discuss details. Lucas thinks it stinks. Rafe's ready for change and may move to Chicago. Lucas is sorry to hear that. He wishes him luck since he's one of the good guys.

At Sonny's, Adrienne needs help with creating a scrapbook for Justin. They talk about Will and Sonny finds a baseball that Paul gave him one Christmas. He says pitchers are notorious for being terrible hitters. This is the one ball Paul hit out of the park. She suggests he give it back. As Lucas arrives, Sonny leaves. Lucas and Adrienne discuss life in Dubai and Lucas admits he had a good time. There's something about connecting with others in a hotel who are also away from home... Adrienne suddenly tears up. She explains she and Justin are drifting apart.

In his room, Paul answers Will's question with another question. "Are you gay?" Will says he is and Paul responds by kissing him. Will's responsive but pushes Paul away. "This shouldn't happen." Paul pulls him in again and things get passionate. They have sex and afterward, Paul talks about how objective Will was about those he loved in his exposes. He thinks Will feels guilty because what they did wasn't objective. Paul has faith his article will be great. Will says he'd never out Paul, but he wonders if it's time to come out. Paul asks if that's what he wants to write about. Will does but insists that's not why this happened. Paul asks to prove it so they go for round two...just as Sonny arrives.

Victor walks into a club with his realtor who tells him the place is perfect for his needs. Victor tells the man it's not for him. He makes a deal.

Mel arrives back at the hospital and apologizes to Theresa for being late. They argue about Brady and Mel asks for the form. Theresa muses that she left it in the waiting room. She goes back to the waiting room and sees the rattle. It makes her sad but she can't figure out why. She's sobbing when Melanie finds her.

Brady is introduced to Serena at the pub. He has seen her research at the hospital and is impressed. She notes that they've Melanie in common. Brady acts uncomfortable and goes and Eric and Serena agree he was acting off - Theresa, too.

Victor finds Rafe in the square. "Who the hell sent the anonymous letter that got you fired?" he barks. Rafe has an idea. Victor offers him a job coordinating security on his holdings. He trusts Rafe. Rafe's thankful but wonders if Victor's making up a job for him. Victor likes having people around him he trusts. The offer stands.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sonny gets a surprise at Paul's hotel.

Nicole is resolved to concentrate on Daniel but some information comes in about Serena...

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