Brady interrupts Theresa and Melanie's argument at the hospital, but they feel he has invaded their privacy and kick him out. Theresa promises to try to find Melanie's paperwork and asks if they can start fresh. Melanie looks amenable until Theresa starts bashing Brady. Melanie yells to shut it and they argue some more before Mel stomps off.

While kissing at Ben's, he and Abby laugh that instead of just spending all their time in bed, they actually went for a run. Clyde arrives. They chat about Ben starting college tomorrow. Abby leaves and Clyde tells his son how proud he is.

At the manse, Jordan demands to know if Chad got Rafe fired. Chad denies it but says it was a long time coming. He tells her Sami and EJ knew and Sami probably told Kate. He doubts if Sonny would tell anyone. Jordan believes Chad's word. When asked if she still loves Rafe, Jordan says they're over but he's a good guy. She's worried Rafe will go after Chad but he has everything under control.

From TBD, Sonny's call with Will is cut short because Will's deadline is coming up. Sonny's livid. Paul shows up. He heard Sonny came to see him. Sonny snarks that Paul was 'busy'. Paul clarifies that it was business and asks if Sonny changed his mind about being together. Sonny says he was only at his hotel to ask for a loan but he decided against it. Paul thinks there's still something between them and takes his hand. Sonny lets go and heads back inside.

At the pub, Aiden admits to Hope that he did threaten Bree and he'd do it again. He takes her somewhere private where he can explain.

Kate meets Will at Mandalay. He violated his agreement by letting her read Paul Narita's expose but needs her input. She enjoyed the writing but talks about how Paul's been deceiving everyone. She thinks he has something to hide so Will decides to 'throw him a change-up'. He runs off.

Brady arrives home and can't get Melanie's kiss off of his mind. Maggie comes upon him and thinks he could use a meeting. He agrees and grumbles about not being appreciated for trying to help. Maggie goes out and Melanie arrives with an apology and wants to discuss their kiss. She calls him her best friend and doesn't want to ruin that. He doesn't either, but they admit they both have feelings for each other.

Aiden takes Hope to the park for "privacy" and lets her know Bree made false statements to the police about him after his wife's death. He took a restraining order out on her and put together a case for libel but never filed the suit because Chase needed him. Aiden lets Hope read emails from Bree which are chilling. Hope says, "My favorite type. A vindictive female who can't spell!" Aiden says Bree was obsessed. They discuss Rafe's situation. Aiden knows she was protecting Rafe with Gabi's secret just like he was protecting Chase from Bree's accusations. Hope's loyalty is part of what he loves about her.

From an undisclosed location, Dr. Mandrake assures Kristen that Theresa's not going to be a problem for them.

While walking through the woods, Theresa recalls her dream of being there, frightened. Maggie finds her and asks if she is alright. Theresa says the woods are making her feel creepy. She stammers and goes.

Will turns up on Paul's doorstop with more questions for his expose. He wants some personal questions answered but Paul says he's just a dull, simple guy. Will wants to know if Paul ever gets lonely. Paul does but says it wasn't always like this. He flashes to making love to Sonny. Will finds Paul complicated, not simple and asks outright if Paul's gay.

Chad arrives at TBD and micromanages Ben. Ben's hackles rise but Sonny shuts him down. Ben goes and Sonny and Chad catch up. Sonny brings up Will's article. He's been so dedicated that he hopes the article turns out well.

Back at the hospital, Kate comes across Jordan and Abigail planning their project. She calls them incompetent and Jordan finds her condescending. Kate shrugs and goes. She thought that was fun. Later, Theresa looks for Melanie but finds a baby rattle. She struggles with emotion as she picks it up.

Clyde meets Jeremiah in the woods and they discuss getting into trucking, even though that's Victor Kiriakis' gig.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Paul responds to Will’s question in a surprising way.

Adrienne confides to Lucas.

Melanie sees Theresa at her most vulnerable.

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