At home, Theresa dreams about being kidnapped in the woods. She wakes up and wonders why she keeps having that 'stupid' dream. She feels as though something bad's going to happen. John arrives to see if she learned her lesson but she tells him she's tired of him and his whole family. She gives him the boot.

At home, Victor asks Brady to take a present to Melanie. Brady is reluctant but takes it. He goes and Victor gets on a call to see what's going on with Sonny's business.

At the hospital, Melanie realizes she is seen as a freelancer which means she won't get benefits. She'll have to deal with it when HR is in, Maxine says. Maxine asks about New Year's Eve and Melanie flashes to kissing Brady. She asks what to do in a situation when a friendship turns into something more. Mel's afraid to complicate things but Maxine thinks she should throw caution to the wind. Melanie considers this. When Brady arrives with the gift, Melanie asks if they made the right decision not to date. Brady thought they were on the same page. Melanie is embarrassed. She thinks this means he's not interested and runs off. By the hub, Maxine tells Theresa to fix it so that Melanie gets her benefits. Theresa goes off and finds Melanie. When she does, they immediately argue.

At the square, Kayla tells Hope she dropped her date, 'Silent Bob'. They get into it about Hope dating Aiden and Kayla says Lisa told her that Aiden threatened Bree. Hope's upset but doesn't know Bree that well or what really was said. Later, John finds Brady and tells him about his visit with Theresa. Brady realizes he left an envelope at the hospital and has to run. They agree to make plans later and Brady rushes off.

From TBD, Sonny leaves Will a message. They have to discuss when they'll visit Gabi again. He hangs up, exasperated. Jordan overhears and asks how Gabi is. Sonny says she hasn't heard about Rafe getting fired yet. Jordan's thrown.

From the DiMera library, Chad proudly tells Stefano on a call that he sent the anonymous letter that got Rafe fired. Stefano's greatly amused. He asks about their other project. Chad calls it a disaster - just as they wanted. They have Sonny just where they want him. Later, Sonny arrives. He tells Chad they need a whole new roof at double the cost on the new club but he's broke - and very sorry. Chad calls it a life lesson and thinks they can try it again one day. He's not interested in taking over TBD. He doesn't want Sonny to quit, either. Sonny's surprised but happily hugs Chad. He owes him one. He leaves and Chad muses, "Oh yes you do." He jumps on a call with Stefano who thinks it's great that a Kiriakis owes him.

Rafe meets Aiden at the pub. Aiden met with the DA, the mayor and a representative from the Governor's office. Rafe asks how much prison time he'll get. Aiden reminded them that going after Rafe would be risky since it would put the explosions in the town square back on the front page. It'd remind people that the government was to blame. His strategy worked. Rafe gets no jail time but has to sign a deal to keep quiet until the statute of limitations ends. The bad news: Rafe can't get back on the force or get a PI license. Rafe jokes that he'll have to sharpen his carpenter skills. He calls Aiden a miracle worker and after he leaves, Hope arrives. They discuss Rafe and how bad they feel for him and then Hope's hesitant but winds up telling him about Bree's accusations.

Jordan finds Rafe at TBD. She heard he lost his job. Rafe blames himself. He calls himself a screw up but Jordan doesn't see him that way. Victor walks in as Jordan asks what he'll do now that he can't be a cop. Rafe explains what happened to Victor, whose immediate response is to want to fix it. Rafe says he can't. He goes and Sonny turns up. Victor heard Sonny lost it all. Sonny tells him he'll listen to him in the future but at least Chad's not taking over TBD. Victor doesn't like it.

Brady returns to the hospital and breaks up Theresa and Melanie's argument but they both tell him to get lost!

Rafe drops by the manse to confront Chad about the anonymous letter. Jordan arrives and eavesdrops. Chad plays dumb. Rafe tells him the playing field is level. He doesn't have to play by the rules. He takes off and Jordan races in. "Did you do it?"

Victor and John meet in the square, both thankful Theresa's out of Brady's life forever.

In an undisclosed location, Dr. Mandrake flashes to stealing Theresa's embryo and calls Kristen.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Theresa reacts when she picks up a baby rattle.

Aiden explains why he threatened Bree.

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