Abby arrives at Ben's apartment. He gives her flowers and they have sex. In the afterglow, she resolves to lose weight and he resolves to tell her he loves her and to spend all his time with her. Touched, she admits she's been wanting to tell him for weeks that she loves him, too.

Dan and Maxine ring in the new year at the nurse's hub and Maxine offers to listen, knowing he has girl troubles. Dan reluctantly says he was ready to start dating but the woman he asked out isn't. He wonders if maybe he's not ready either.

Serena stops Nic outside the pub and confronts her about searching her hotel room. She tells Nicole to face it - she lost Eric. Serena knows about what Nicole did to Eric and calls her selfish to the core. Nicole snarks back. Inside, Kayla asks Eric to help break the ice with her blind date, Bob. Nothing seems to work and Eric wonders where Serena is. He finds her with Nicole outside and hears Nicole defend herself. He yells at Nicole and Serena goes inside. Eric tells Nicole she's out of his life - permanently.

Sonny sits at the park thinking about Paul's offer to be together. He heads to the hotel.

In his room, Paul shares champagne with Will and they almost kiss when Paul's mother calls. He chats briefly with her and afterward admits to Will he hasn't told her his career is over yet. Sonny arrives and is about to knock when Derrick stops him. Paul doesn't want to be interrupted. Meanwhile inside, Will thinks Paul's career change could be a blessing in disguise. Outside, Derrick hits on Sonny. Sonny isn't interested and goes while inside, Paul flirts with Will. Paul asks if Will has somewhere to be but Will assures him he doesn't. He has enough for his piece though. He leaves and Derrick returns and mentions a dark haired guy dropped by while he was busy. Paul grins, "So Sonny came to see me."

Brady and Melanie make fireworks of their own when they kiss outside Victor's manse. They're startled by their actions but move in for another kiss just as Maggie and Victor open the door to yell, "Happy New Year!" They ask Mel and Brady in for their own cozy party. It's awkward but Victor won't take no for an answer. They head in and Melanie runs to take a call from Daniel while Victor tries to figure out why Brady's so jumpy. Outside Daniel apologizes for taking out his mood on her earlier. She forgives him. They hang up and she heads back to the living room. Maggie and Victor ask why she and Brady are so jumpy. Mel stammers that Brady helped her through a fight with her dad, earlier. Brady takes Mel home.

At home, Sonny drinks to losing. "Great job, Kiriakis." Later, Will arrives and Sonny has emptied an entire bottle of champagne himself and is crashed on the sofa. Will covers him with a blanket and kisses him.

At Daniel's door, Brady and Melanie agree their kiss was in the moment. They agree to forget about it but neither looks as though they will.

At her hotel room, Serena refuses to let Eric in. He gets it. They need to get over what Nicole did. Eric leaves and Serena throws things around in anger and opens her safe. She pulls out an envelope and looks secretive.

Nicole arrives at the hospital to explain to Daniel that she stalked Serena not just because of Eric but because of her own personal insecurities. She starts to cry and says, "Serena's this good person and I'm not." Nic wonders if Daniel would be happier with someone better than her. Daniel's flabbergasted by her honesty and says it was never about her not being good enough. Anyway, his decisions aren't based on what others think. Maxine interrupts. Daniel's needed in the ER. Nic and Dan wish each other a 'Happy New Year'.

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Sonny informs Chad the new club is a bust, and he’s taken aback when Chad makes an unexpected decision.

Rafe accuses Chad of sending the anonymous letter that got him fired.

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