John and Marlena run into Paul in the square. John recognizes him. It's not mutual. Paul wanders off. John wonders what his problem is.

Sonny gets home and receives an emergency call about the roof at the new club. This worries Will. His husband admits that he could lose everything. Paul calls Will and asks if they can meet. Will's reluctant so Paul threatens to give the scoop to someone else. Will caves and goes, irritating Sonny. Left alone, Sonny reads his old resolutions about marrying Will. He ponders what this year's will be. A call comes in about the roof. He paces sadly and wonders where Will is before walking out.

In the park, JJ tells Paige he's not good enough for her. He did something really bad. She needs an explanation. After much prodding, he admits that he hooked up with someone else. She was gone and he couldn't wait forever. "It was only a couple of days!" she points out, before demanding to know who the other woman was. Rory and some of his friends stumble past and ask if they are coming to the party. JJ says Paige was just leaving. She's mortified and goes. Rory says that was cold. JJ orders him to leave.

In her room, Serena drops the flowers Nicole left in the trash and then checks her safe. "Thank god she didn't look in there," she says. Eric arrives and starts apologizing for what Nicole did. Serena wonders if the blond is crazy and wants him back. He insists that things are over with Nicole and she's just being protective. The redhead thinks he's being generous but suggests they forget this for tonight.

Daniel walks into his apartment and catches Nicole accusing Melanie of ratting her out to Eric. He demands to know what she was doing at Serena's. He sends his daughter out and asks Nicole if she is really over Eric. She claims she was just researching Serena out of professional curiosity. The doctor doesn't buy that at all and shows her the door. She pleads for another chance but he's sure that she's lying to herself about Eric. He calls Maxine and tells her he's coming in to cover the midnight shift. Daniel stomps out. She sobs and rips up the tickets for the ball. Nicole refuses to mope and decides to convince Daniel that Eric is the furthest thing from her mind.

John and Marlena go to TBD. He tells her how much he has missed her. She's missed him too.

Will arrives at Paul's while champagne is delivered. They sit down and Paul talks about the end of his career. He doesn't know who he is without baseball. Will suggests it's time to find out. Paul offers him some champagne. They toast to 2015 as fireworks go off. Paul gets close to prepare for a kiss. Will gulps.

Brady runs into Melanie in the square. She tells him how annoyed Nicole is making her. She explains why. "She's not that bad when you get to know her," he explains before walking off to get them hot chocolate. She spots her dad and rambles about what happened. He tells her he's not going on a date with Nicole and plods off to work. Brady returns and Mel throws her arms around him. They sit down and she tells him how wrong Nicole is for her dad. Across the square, John and Marlena wish each other a happy New Year and kiss.

Melanie walks Brady home. They watch the fireworks and kiss.

At the pub, Caroline gives an Irish toast to Eric and Serena. She cuts her hand trying to open the champagne. Eric ushers her into the kitchen to take care of it. Some dude makes a pass at Serena so she walks outside. Nicole bumps into her. Before she can escape, the redhead stops her.

At the hospital, Maxine offers to get someone to cover for Daniel. He refuses. At midnight, he pours them some cider.

Salem Spoilers for Monday on Days of our Lives:

Eric tries to help Kayla out with a bad date.

Melanie and Brady are not sure what to make of their unexpected kiss.

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