JJ answers his phone at home. He's not happy to hear from Paige. She still needs to know why he dumped her. When she threatens to come over, he asks her to meet him in the park. His mom has been eavesdropping and starts asking questions. "People break up," he grunts. That doesn't explain much. Jenn wonders if this is connected to Eve. He claims it isn't and runs away.

At home, Paige gets off the phone. Her mom has been eavesdropping and starts to quiz her. She warns her about how fickle boys are. Paige insists they will be fine and stomps out. Eve crosses her legs and shakes her head.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie gawks at a photo of Brady. He suddenly appears and explains that he's been thinking of her ever since he saw a grey taco that morning. She babbles and twists her bra strap until Maggie interrupts. Mel's eager to go shopping with her but Maggie got a call from someone in AA and needs to pay them a visit. After she leaves, Brady suggests that Mel go shopping with him. She refuses and continues babbling about how nothing is awkward or uncomfortable between them. Melanie runs out the door, leaving him baffled. Later, Maggie returns and he asks if Mel said anything about him. He doesn't understand what's going on with her.

Eric drops by Serena's. She answers the door in only his old t-shirt. "Don't get a swelled head," she tells him. He has pie and an invitation to the party at the pub. He's glad to see she still has the flower Nicole sent. She hops in bed to eat pie and licks her fingers. He tries to escape. "It's too tempting," he says. The ex-priest thinks they need to take it slow. "As long as we take it somewhere," she says. He leaves. In the hall, he overhears one member of staff talking to another about how they had to leave a flower in someone's room. Eric questions him to get the details.

Daniel meets with Nicole at TBD. He gives her tickets to the New Year's Eve ball. This will be their first date. He asks her if she's really ready for it after Eric. She insists that she is and she can't wait until their date. After the doctor departs, Eric arrives and demands to know what Nicole was doing in Serena's room. He accuses her of snooping and storms off. Nicole curses Mel for ratting her out.

JJ wanders in the park and thinks of Paige. She shows up. He apologizes for breaking up with her the way he did. She hugs him and starts babbling about everything being back to normal. JJ explains they aren't getting back together. Paige badgers him until he says he's not good enough for her. He prepares himself to tell her why.

Jordan drops by Casa DiMera and informs Chad that she had a run-in with Melanie. He guesses she said some nasty things about him ruining her life. He confirms that he did. Jordan wishes he'd told her about his past with Mel. He explains the lies he told his ex and how controlling he was. Chad says he will respect whatever she decides to do. If he was her, he'd walk away. She closes the door and they hit the couch. She was impressed by his honesty.

In the square, Eric calls Serena and tells her what Nicole did. She gets off the phone and rips up the card Nicole left.

Eve runs into Melanie at Mandalay. "So you're the hateful woman that sued my best-friend's mom?" Mel snipes. Eve doesn't want to listen to the 'little girl' being smug and sends her packing. "I hate this town," she groans.

At the hospital, Maxine notices that Jenn is on edge. After the nurse leaves, Daniel pops up. He tells Jenn that he's going on a date with Nicole and thought she should know. She gulps and says she's happy for him. After she runs off, Maxine returns and asks the doctor if he can cover a shift tonight. He agrees if she can't find anyone else.

Jenn shows up at Eve's with a frown. She demands to know what is going on between their children. "Your son knows how to screw things up all on his own," Eve says. Horton threatens her and leaves.

Nicole shows up at Daniel's to confront Melanie. "I'm here for you, you backstabbing snake," says the blond. As the two women argue, Daniel walks in.

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