At the Brady Pub, Hope learns that Rafe is off the force. He explains about the letter and says Roman plans to call the D.A. Hope notes Rafe will need a good lawyer.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Kate bicker about Jordan, and then Clyde. Kate tells Chad that Jordan's a phony and complains about him getting desperately attached to his women. Chad is stunned to hear that Sami told Kate that he faked his brain tumor. He warns her to stay out of his personal life.

At Aiden's office, Clyde tells him he wants to make an anonymous charitable donation. He explains why. Aiden gets a call from Hope, who wants a favor. He finishes up with Clyde, who says you never know when a man might need a good lawyer and leaves. Later, Rafe arrives. He explains to Aiden why he decided to keep quiet. Now he'll tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Aiden will do what he can, but warns his confession made it an open and shut case. Aiden wants to find the enemy who sent the letter.

At the apartment, Sonny and Melanie look at photos of Ari. Sonny talks about how busy he's been and Melanie is surprised to hear Chad is seeing someone and how complicated it seems. Sonny thinks he'll do right by Jordan. They debate about whether Chad's changed for the better. Mel is glad he's been fair with Sonny, but warns him to watch out.

At the hospital, Jordan tells Abigail not to worry about her - she can protect herself. Jordan tells her about all she and Ben went through to survive after leaving home. Rafe or Chad breaking her heart is nothing compared to that. Abigail realizes this is why she came up with the Outreach project. Later, Melanie arrives and Maxine introduces her to Jordan. Mel brings up Chad. "We were engaged." Jordan assumes they didn't end on good terms. Mel says he's wonderful...until he's not. "Be careful."

In Paul's room, he tells Will, "It's over. It's all over." He explains he'll never be able to pitch again - his career is over. He hollers about the doctor saying he can have a normal that's some kind of prize. He apologizes. Will understands - he'll come up with a reason to kill the story. Paul regrets not staying with his team. He can imagine the headlines. Will suggests that they spin the story to explain his viewpoint and then he won't have to do anymore press. Paul agrees to consider it. He tells Will he's too nice for a journalist. Will reassures Paul and leaves. Paul calls Sonny - he needs to see him.

In the square, John tells Marlena he wants to start the new year with her by his side. He wanted to ask for this date in person and not take anything for granted - especially her. Marlena accepts - she would be delighted to ring in the new year with him. John thinks it could be the best year yet. Later, Kate meets Clyde and tells him she'll see he gets proper credit for his donation. Clyde knew they'd make a hell of a team.

At Club TBD, Abigail tells Chad he thinks he is better than everyone. She was worried about Jordan getting hurt, but isn't now. Chad asks what changed. Abigail says Jordan convinced her she can handle it when he screws up. Chad complains about her busting his chops. They bicker about whether Rafe could make a comeback with Jordan. Chad says he came after him and it blew up in his face. Abigail asks what he means.

In the Brady Pub, John tells Hope he's back for good. They discuss her situation. John is keen to meet Aiden and glad she's happy.

In the park, Paul tells Sonny his call kept him going through Christmas. Paul still loves him - he never stopped. He says they can finally be together. Sonny loves his husband, but urges Paul to come out for himself.

At Will's place, Marlena asks about his relationship with Sonny. He says they're just busy, and then talks about his interview. He feels the guy is holding something back and intends to find out what it is.

At the DiMera mansion, Jordan tells Chad she ran into Melanie.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Eric is livid when he discovers what Nicole has been up to in regards to Serena.

Chad confesses to Jordan about his tumultuous past with Melanie.

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