At home, Will looks at the computer and tells Sonny there is something wrong with their bank accounts - their money is all gone. Sonny says they weren't hacked; he took the money for the new club. Will wonders what they'll be living on. "That was our money." Sonny replies, "Our money. Really Will?" Will argues that he has been contributing. He feels Sonny could have gone to his Uncle Victor. Sonny says he did - Victor said no. They make up and Sonny says it's time to go take Ari to see Gabi. Will has to meet someone - he can't go. Sonny assures him everything will be okay, but outside, Will looks uncertain.

Abigail and Ben come into his place from the cold. He warms her up with a kiss. They have sex and they talk about Jordan going somewhere on Christmas. Ben says it's not hard to figure it out. They bicker about whether Chad can be trusted. Ben thinks DiMeras always have an agenda and people don't realize until the damage is done.

In bed with Jordan at home, Chad flashes to giving her a necklace. He gets a text that the letter has been delivered. Jordan awakens and tells him she'd like to make Christmas special for him. They make love. While she's showering, Chad smirks and wonders how Rafe's day's shaping up.

At the station, Roman plunks the letter down in front of Rafe. The look on Rafe's face when he reads it tells Roman it's true. Rafe tries to justify sitting on the information he had for his sister's sake. Roman shouts at him for not thinking. Rafe hands in his gun and badge. Roman tells him he broke his oath and the law. "Get a lawyer. A good one."

Gabi is surprised to see Melanie in the prison visiting room. Mel realizes she was expecting someone else. She tells Gabi she's staying in Salem for good - she made it possible by killing Nick. She feels they share something; they both know what he was capable of - she would have pulled the trigger too. Gabi says if she could take one thing back it would be the mess with Andrew. Mel is past it. Sonny arrives with Ari. Mel admires her and Sonny says Will will come next time. Mel holds Ari and is excited to get to know her better. The visit means so much to Gabi. Mel tears up as Gabi's led away. She's tougher than they knew.

At Club TBD, Kate marvels at Clyde making an anonymous donation. He remarks that it's the thought that counts. Kate alludes to the possibility that his name could slip out. Clyde's reaction makes her realize he wants her to leak his name. Clyde thinks she's astute, but warns he has to be careful since the charity is Jordan's. Kate thinks he should have been a politician. She goes and Clyde smirks. "Yeah, but what I do pays better." Ben arrives and Clyde gifts him with his granddaddy's watch. Clyde talks about making things up to Ben and Jordan.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Paul he's not going to be able to throw a baseball like he used to. Paul asks, "Are you saying I won't be able to pitch anymore?" Daniel replies, "I'm sorry." Paul argues for Daniel to open his shoulder up and fix it again. Daniel says it won't work. Paul shouts, "What am I supposed to do with my life?" Paul wants this to stay between them until he figures things out. At the nurses' station, Abigail greets Jordan, who admits her necklace is from Chad. Abigail shares that Ben is worried. Jordan wishes he'd give Chad another chance. Abigail warns about DiMeras doing things to get their way.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe chuckles when Daniel wants to talk about police business. Rafe says he handed in his gun and badge and tells him about the letter. Daniel's sorry. Rafe says these lies catch up to you, all you can do is figure out how to live with them.

Will goes to Paul's room, sees his face and asks what's wrong. Paul says he forgot their meeting. Will questions him about the upcoming season. Paul barks, "Just stop." He apologizes. Will sees it's not a good time. He's about to leave but Paul stops him. He's crying.

Kate arrives at the DiMera mansion and says something insulting about Jordan. Chad tells her to watch her damn mouth. Kate says Jordan's no victim, but Rafe was, and now Chad is too.

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