Rory finds Paige crying in the square. She mentions JJ hanging out with girls at the kegger and Rory says she's got it wrong. She snaps at Rory not to protect him. They bicker over whether JJ was set-up or not. Paige says she isn't stupid - he's a dog. Rory urges her not to shut JJ out without giving him a chance. She listens to JJ's heartfelt apology voicemail and tries unsuccessfully to reach him. She decides to go home.

At Eve's apartment, JJ needs to see Paige. Eve says she's not coming home tonight. She wonders if he's been drinking. JJ congratulates her - she got her wish; it's all over for him and Paige. Eve gets teary over a glass of wine - she just wanted them all to be happy. JJ realizes something's wrong. She sobs that she'll never be able to sing again. JJ compares it to not being able to play guitar. He's truly sorry. She puts herself down. He tells her she's smart and really beautiful. They start kissing and tearing at each others' clothes. Things progress to the bedroom where they have sex. After, they have instant regret and Eve urges JJ to leave quickly. Paige arrives and calls out, "Mom?" Eve emerges, disheveled. Paige asks what's wrong. Eve tells her she can't have surgery. Paige comforts her. Eve asks her to go out for aspirin. Paige says there's some in her bedroom. Eve stops her from going in as Paige notices JJ's jacket.

At Club TBD, Ben punches Chad over him giving a negative reference for the apartment. Outside, Abigail runs into Rafe. They chat and go inside and break up the fight. Abigail wants to know what Chad did. He admits Ben lost the apartment because of him. Rafe is peeved. Chad explains that his family owns the building - he didn't think Ben would want to rent from him since he already works for him. Rafe takes Ben outside. Chad complains to Abigail about Ben's temper. Outside, Ben tells Rafe that Chad pushes his buttons.

In the park, Clyde wonders what Jordan is playing at by pretending not to remember. She insists it was an accident and accuses him of making it all up to confuse her. He realizes she really doesn't remember and sneers about her forgetting she killed her own mama. He says maybe her rich boyfriend will take her mind off things, but he'll never forget.

At the pub, Anne wonders what scheme Theresa is dreaming up when Nicole enters. After, Anne approaches Nicole with some 'scoop' and they step outside. Anne tells Nicole about an HR scholarship, while inside, Theresa calls Brady from Nicole's phone and gets hung up on. Nicole realizes they tricked her and retrieves her phone. Anne lectures Theresa about being impulsive and reminds her Brady currently loathes her. Anne assures her they'll work through the poker to the head situation. Someone watches Theresa leave and she's jumped by two men on her way home.

In her room, Kristen tells her goon, "Let's get to work." The man has everything he needs in his briefcase and pulls out a blood pressure cuff. After they're done, she pays him. He says she'll hear from him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady takes a call from Daniel, who is checking in on him. Brady flashes to Daniel in bed with Kristen and asks him to come over. When Daniel arrives, Brady marvels that everyone's been lying to him; Theresa, John, and Kristen. Daniel admits he suspected Theresa was lying for a while. Brady tells him when he found out about Theresa, he went to see him, but the timing wasn't good - he was in bed doing Kristen. Nicole arrives as Brady sucker punches Daniel. Daniel gets up as Brady rants that he did him a solid and throws him out. Nicole tells Brady she came about Theresa. Brady wants to be alone. He gets a call from Kristen, who is leaving soon but has something to tell him.

At Club TBD Abigail tells Jordan that Ben hit Chad. Chad asks if everything is okay with Jordan. Outside, Rafe admits to Ben that he doesn't like Chad sniffing around Jordan. Rafe goes inside. Chad won't press charges. Chad goes out to see Ben. Jordan thanks Rafe for calming Ben down. He warns that Chad sets Ben off. After, Jordan tells Abigail that Rafe's not happy she's friends with Chad. Outside, Chad lets Ben know he took Abigail's virginity.

Nicole finds Daniel in the square. He admits what she heard was true. Nicole asks about Jennifer. Daniel says it's over.

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Daniel and Nicole inch their way towards mending their friendship.

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