Miguel shoots EJ in the park. EJ looks shocked and does a face plant into the dirt. In the parkette, Sami hears the gunshot and calls out, "EJ?" She calls the cops. Meanwhile, Clyde asks what the hell Miguel was thinking. Miguel mutters that EJ attacked him. Clyde asks him to take EJ's wallet and wedding band. The men cover their tracks and go. Sami calls EJ, demanding to know where he is. She walks through the woods and comes upon him.

Outside TBD, Abby wants to take things slow with Ben to get to know each other so they start by making out... He accuses her of lying about taking it slow. She just thought it'd make him feel better about having no place to make love. He goes back to work.

Outside the Brady's pub, Rafe asks what EJ's up to. Kate says, "Breathing." She laughs. "EJ and his Samantha are the most revolting show around," Kate says. Rafe asks about her dating Clyde. She tells him it's none of his business but he doesn't trust the guy. He gets a work call and goes off.

Chad follows Jordan into some wooded area. He admits since he didn't have her cell number, he called the hospital and learned she was off today. He apologizes for stalking her and she tells him she's a private person. He asks her out and gives her his cell phone number before leaving. Abby walks up as Jordan's grinning at Chad's cell number.

Back in the woods, Sami feels for EJ's pulse. She finds it and the gunshot wound. She tries to stop the bleeding and yells at him to open his eyes. He does. She cries a little as she tells him to hang on. He falls unconscious and she yells at him to stop bleeding. He wakes up again and chokes. He tells her he doesn't want to leave her. She coaches him to fight but he asks her to tell the children...they profess their love and kiss and EJ dies in her arms. Sami tells EJ she loves him twenty-five times. Elsewhere, Clyde meets with Jeremiah. He hands over EJ's belongings and Jeremiah cleans them off as Clyde gives him instructions. Back at the scene of the crime, Rafe arrives with paramedics. Sami babbles and Abe arrives and makes calls while the paramedics work on EJ. Rafe asks her to tell him what happened but she's in shock and can only talk about the blood at first. The paramedics stop working on him and call the time of death. Rafe tells Sami but she says, "He does this." She babbles that they need to make the blood stop coming out. Rafe tells Sami that EJ's dead. He's gone. They take off to the morgue and Sami continues to tell EJ she loves him. Rafe's shocked that Sami just doesn't want to hear it. Abe says, "You're never ready."

The kids play a game at Will and Sonny's. Johnny calls cheating when Allie wins. He takes it back. Allie says, "You know who really cheats?" "Ciara," the kids harmonize. They play 'Ring around the Rosy' which Johnny calls 'lame-o'. Will worries since he's texted Sami five times and she hasn't returned his texts.

Clyde turns up at TBD and asks Ben for a whiskey neat. He tells his son he doesn't have to pay the loan back but Ben wants to. Clyde offers to pay his school fees.

Sami and Rafe arrive at the hospital. The paramedics take EJ to the morgue. Sami's still in shock. She tells Rafe EJ didn't have his ring on. Someone must have stolen it. She doesn't want Rafe to call anyone. She just wants to see EJ. It's awkward. Rafe attempts to make her understand EJ's dead but she talks about the kids expecting her. She just wants EJ to come home with her tonight. Rafe says that's not going to happen. She won't leave EJ alone there. Sami says she forgot her purse so Rafe goes to get it and to see if she can see EJ. Stefano calls on EJ's phone asking for his son. Sami tells Stefano, "The EMTs took him to the morgue." Stefano demands to know what she means. She lets the phone drop. He thinks she's lying. Roman arrives and Rafe tells him EJ died in Sami's arms but she's in deep shock. The cops discuss the case. Rafe doesn't think it was professional. Roman's worried for his daughter. He goes to her. She tells him the 'paramedics are fixing EJ up' and asks him to take the kids home. He tells her he will and that he loves her and she grins. He goes and Rafe brings her to see EJ at the morgue. He's on a slab. She feels his chest for a heartbeat but feels nothing and finally bursts into gut-wrenching sobs.

Chad meets Kate at the pub where they discuss Stefano being happy she didn't go for the Frankfurt account. Chad appears happy and Kate comments on it but he's not ready to discuss the reason.

From an undisclosed location, Stefano starts to weep. "My son, my son," he cries.

Roman goes to Will's to tell the kids he'll be taking them home. He says nothing to them about the shooting.

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