Paige drops by JJ's, surprised to find a package addressed to her. It's a care package JJ sent to Stanford for her a while ago which was returned since she's not attending. He calls it cheesy but she's touched when she finds a Stanford ball cap, flip flops, a photo of them together, and a teddy bear. She kisses him. They try throwing popcorn into each other's mouths and head out.

Sami discusses Stefano's return with Kate over the phone at the Brady's pub but hangs up when she sees Eric and Nicole arguing. Sami sides with Eric when he tells Nicole there's no future for her there. Sami and Nicole start name calling and Eric gets between them. Sami calls Nicole 'dead meat'. Nicole is surprised Sami's kids aren't 'motherless' yet, crying themselves to sleep at night. "You know you have a target on your back." Sami looks petrified. Nicole immediately apologizes. She's sure Sami's kids will be fine. She just lost her temper. Eric takes Sami away and Nicole goes to order. Caroline refuses to serve Nicole because of what she did to Eric. They argue about who is worse. Her or Kristen, and Nicole defends herself. There's a fine line between love and hate. Caroline thinks she's nuts if she believes Eric loves her. Nicole yells, "That feeling doesn't just die!"

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Theresa have sex. Afterward, Theresa comments on how intense he is and talks about going away together. Brady flashes to Kristen and tells Theresa this was a mistake. "I'm so sorry." He's angry with himself for sending her mixed feelings. She tells him she really cares about him and if this is a one-time thing, "That's cool." He goes to shower and she looks overwhelmed. They dress and Brady apologizes again. Theresa tears up and they agree to be friends. She realizes this was the first time they made love sober. Their talk is interrupted by a call from the hospital. He doesn't think his father will wake up. When Theresa leaves, she's certain their love-making wasn't a one-time thing.

At the hospital, Daniel and Kayla ponder a document that came to them. They have to find out if it'll work. Daniel calls Kristen.

At Kristen's hotel room, Marlena doesn't believe it when Kristen says she's there to help John. Kristen answers Daniel's call and they agree to meet at his place.

Marlena and Kristen meet Daniel and Kayla at Daniel's apartment. Kayla says a biochemist Kristen had contacted sent word about a drug that could at the very least improve John's situation if not waken him from his coma. Marlena thinks this is a vicious game. Dan and Kay say they've only part of the formula. Kristen has conditions they must live up to before she gives them the rest of the formula. She asks them not to say anything to Brady to get his hopes up and Kristen asks Kayla and Daniel to step outside while she tells Marlena the other condition is that she'll need to talk Eric out of sending her to prison. "No," Marlena barks. She leaves. Kristen swipes on a coat of lip gloss and leaves her gloss on the desk. Daniel warns that this better not be a bluff. She thinks it'll be win-win for everyone and goes.

In the Horton square, Sami admits to Eric that Nicole was right about the target on her and Kate's backs. Eric tells her she must be on guard. He worries his testimony will put Kristen behind bars, thus causing Stefano to go after Sami. Sami doesn't believe Stefano would harm the mother of his grandkids. She and her twin share a loving moment.

JJ and Paige go for a swim at the lake. Paige talks JJ out of dropping music theory because she signed up. They canoodle and someone takes photos of them kissing.

Marlena goes to John at the hospital and wonders how she can ask Eric to drop charges against Kristen. She's pained when she makes the call to Eric to meet her. Later, Brady visits John alone. Kayla arrives and tells him the transfer to the long-term care is put on hold. Brady's confused but before he can question her, Kay gets called away.

Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion and notices the patio doors are wide open. She closes it and turns around. Stefano's portrait has replaced the one of her and Kate!

Nicole wanders the park griping about Kristen.

At TBD, Theresa calls Anne to tell her something exciting about Brady when Kristen interrupts. "Do tell."

Back at home, Daniel finds Kristen's lip gloss. He assumes she's playing games. Kayla calls to update him that Brady's with John. They assume Marlena was told to stop Eric from testifying.

Marlena meets Eric at the pub. She's been crying and he worries. She has to ask him to do something. "And it's really hard," she whispers.

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