At home, Sonny apologizes for going behind Will's back. He was only trying to help the way that people have helped him. He gets that Will wants to be independent but says he had loads of help with his endeavours. He's really sorry if he made Will feel like he wasn't good enough. Will wouldn't have gotten the job at True Vista if his writing wasn't great. Sexy guitar music plays as Will comes around. He can't believe he called Sonny a glorified barista. They profess their love for each other and kiss and make love on the sofa.

Daniel helps Nicole pick up a file she drops at TBD. He finds a job offer she received from Santa Fe but she's not taking it. The money is crap. She asks if he'd miss her if she left. He says no and reminds her they're not friends. Nicole has heard it countless times. "Sticks and stones, and cold shoulders and icy stares..." She's staying to help Brady because she doesn't abandon friends. She goes to sit with another reporter. They discuss Daniel. Nicole is sure he'd miss her if she moved. She gets an idea and runs out.

At home, Theresa dreams she's being arrested for the attempted murder of John Black. She wakes up when Anne arrives with champagne to celebrate Abigail and by extension, Jennifer's public humiliation. Anne asks why Theresa skipped work. Theresa doesn't want to be near the hospital until after they ship John to the "vegetable farm." She gets annulment papers and starts to cry. She sobs about loving Brady's smile and laugh. Nothing good in her life ever lasts. She notices they sent her Brady's copy too and wants to give it to him. She wants Brady "and his stupid father" out of her life today.

At the hospital, Kayla confirms to Eric and Marlena that sending John to long-term care is the best option. His Glasgow Coma Score is a 7 which doesn't look good. Later, Marlena convinces Eric to stay in Salem permanently because his family needs him. From his office, Daniel sends for Anne, who asks her to consider Paige Larson for the college intern program. Anne drops her pencil and bends over in front of him. He gets a weird look on his face and Anne accuses him of trying to score points with Jennifer through JJ's girlfriend. Dan's exasperated. He'll go to the board if Paige doesn't get the internship. Anne will look into it. She passes Kayla on her way out. Kayla and Dan get on his computer after she tells him about something that just arrived. If it works, it'll change everything. Meanwhile by the hub, Nicole tries to get Eric's attention by dropping papers. She has to do it twice before he helps her pick them up and learns about the offer in Santa Fe. He's encouraging which upsets her. He calls it logical. They wouldn't have to see each other. Nicole snipes that she hasn't accepted the job. Eric realizes she just played him. He snaps that he wants her to take the job. "Nobody wants you here."

Brady arrives at Kristen's hotel. She's in a silky robe so he makes her dress and then tells her to stay out of his family's life. She seems agreeable. He got a judge to issue a restraining order out on her. If she comes within a hundred feet of his father her bail will be revoked. "Duly noted," she says. He muses that she wrecked his life and helped him sever his relationship with his father. She doesn't think he's responsible for what happened to his dad and asks Brady to give her details about that fateful night. He refuses to tell her anything but she insists on helping. He's about to walk out on her but she touches his chest and promises he won't regret it. They lock eyes. Marlena pounds on the door. Brady lets her in and says he was there to warn Kristen and now he's leaving. He goes and Kristen says her timing couldn't have been better. Marlena starts in on her saying Brady will not forgive her. "We'll see," Kristen says. Marlena finds her delusional. They go back and forth with accusations. Marlena promises to make Kristen pay which makes Kristen wonder when she'll pay, especially for playing that sex tape at her wedding. Marlena retorts, "You're selfish to the core, and you're evil." That's why she lost John and Brady. Kristen takes a few of her own cheap shots and Marlena threatens to kill Kristen if she goes near John. Kristen grins. "Okay." But she claims she's there to save John.

Brady arrives home. Theresa's there leaving him a note with his annulment papers. She can see he's upset and places her hands on his chest and asks if he's okay. He takes her in a lingering kiss. They head upstairs and have sex.

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