Aiden finds Hope hunched over in pain on a bench at the park. She hurt herself running and makes a big stink when he rubs her leg. They lock eyes. She gulps. He tries to make her laugh and she asks him not to. He rubs the knot out and she jumps up. He blurts out that this can't go on. They both know how he feels about her. He has feelings for her. How could he not? She's beautiful and smart. "I'm married," she cries. He knows she's unavailable and thanks God for that. Hope's confused. Aiden reminds her he can't be involved with anyone. He just wanted to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Hope's sorry. She can see how much he misses his wife. Aiden contradicts her. His marriage wasn't a good one. He and his wife fought a lot and he wasn't a good husband. This surprises Hope.

At the hospital, Maggie asks Daniel to beware of Eve Donovan. Daniel says he knows all about Eve. Maggie tells him the story about how Eve almost ran down his sister, Sarah. It was an accident and people change, but it's clear Eve hasn't. Daniel promises she won't get anywhere with him.

Eve arrives at JJ's. He flashes to kissing Paige and worries Eve knows but she's only there to pick up her royalty check. When he can't find it, Eve asks to hear him play guitar. He plays a piece for her and she reminisces about her first guitar. She starts singing "Oh Shenandoah" but she worries her voice isn't what it was. She attempts again and sounds beautiful. JJ smiles. Eve starts coughing and becomes emotional. She tears up. He thought she sounded good. She muses about how people don't see her for who she really is, and says singing made her feel grounded and in control. She misses it terribly. She hits the road.

At Paige's, Theresa advises her niece not to put out with JJ too soon or things won't last. They head out for coffee.

Abigail unintentionally locks her and Ben in the supply closet at TBD. Abby's cell phone has no reception so they assume they'll be there a while. "I have something to show you," he says. He hands over a can of tuna and a can opener. She laughs, not expecting the tuna. She finds more food and they whip up a picnic lunch. Upstairs, Theresa tells Paige that she can really only count on one person - herself. She trashes her parents for judging her. Paige is sorry but doesn't feel that way about her mom. Back downstairs, Abby and Ben dine, drink, and eat cookies. They discuss Jordan and Rafe's break-up and hope that things work out for them. Abby brings up his father and Ben asks her not to ruin the mood. They clean up and start making out. Abigail flashes to getting hot and heavy with EJ in the hospital closet. Back upstairs, Theresa asks Paige to heed her warning about JJ. Paige isn't buying her warning. Theresa repeats that as soon as she gives him what he wants, he'll be "looking for a new set of panties to nail to his wall." Theresa leaves and Daniel and Parker drop by Paige's table. Dan overheard the conversation and tells Paige not to let Theresa undermine what she and JJ have. JJ arrives. JJ takes Paige aside and lets her know Eve stopped by the house. Paige sighs. He tells her Theresa didn't out them.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ takes in Sami's beauty. She asks him to have lunch in public. He's surprised and wonders if she's doing this just to show the board they're together. She's not, knowing that EJ dealt with them already. They leave.

EJ and Sami arrive at the Brady's pub. He looks around to see if there's a frying pan flying in his direction. Sami says her grandmother's not there. People stare. Roman arrives and hopes this is a divorce negotiation. Sami sets him straight and he goes on his way. EJ brings up how Sami donated to one of the board member's favorite charities. He's surprised she remembered what the man supported. Sami recalls being embarrassed by mistaking the Queen Anne house EJ grew up in for a castle and decided to work on herself. EJ's proud. He shows her a video of Johnny telling his dad that the girls are homesick but he put frogs in their sleeping bags and they feel better. Sami and EJ giggle until Sami receives a text that troubles her.

Theresa pops by Eve's with a report on her talk with Paige. Eve groans. She shouldn't have had her sister do that. She sees a flyer for an off campus party and comes up with an idea.

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Things heat up between Ben and Abby.

Victor tells Maggie everything.

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