JJ follows Hope into SPD asking what he can get Aiden as a thank-you for expunging his juvenile record. Hope says he's a great guy but doesn't know him that well. JJ's surprised, considering they worked together on the auction.

At the Brady's pub, Aiden flashes to dancing with Hope. The bartender gives him coffee on the house along with her phone number. He's flattered but never dates.

At the hospital, Theresa stops Jenn. She's looking for Abigail's replacement and takes the time to rub Jenn's face in her daughter's troubles. She says Abby seemed so demure. "But to snag a man like EJ, she must be some kind of hell-cat in bed." Theresa wonders if that's how Jenn Jenn snagged Daniel. Jennifer thinks it's pretty sad that the only satisfaction Theresa gets in life is to spread bitterness and gloom. She blames Theresa for John's coma. If she hadn't glommed onto Brady and taken advantage of his sensitive state, John's attack never would have happened. Theresa looks uneasy.

At home, Paige reads the news and feels bad for Abigail. Eve snorts about the seemingly good Horton family. They argue about whether or not JJ is a good person. Eve realizes Paige is in love with him. She thinks she's too young and worries she'll throw her dreams away. Eve's glad cousin Joan took a job out of town so they could stay in her "dump."

Abigail arrives at TBD and tells Jordan she's having a tough time finding a job. They discuss Rafe and the break-up. Abigail offers to lend an ear. Ben arrives with keys to the storage closet. Abby offers to help with moving supplies. They head into the closet and flirt and Abigail accidentally locks them in.

At the Horton square, Rafe and Kate's discussion about his break-up is curtailed when Clyde stops by. He says he has seen Kate's photo in the business section of the newspaper. They act as if they've never met and Clyde tells Rafe he's sorry about Rafe and Jordan's break-up. Why did they split up? Rafe and Kate look around awkwardly. Clyde hopes they can work things out. He tells Rafe not to give up. Rafe goes and Clyde calls Kate an extraordinary woman. She appreciates his kind words but won't be used. He wouldn't think of it. He wants to be partners. He compliments her. She gives him some information and again he flatters her before she walks off.

Aiden walks into SPD and JJ thanks him for getting his record expunged. He goes and Aiden and Hope can't seem to match their schedules for him to depose someone. It's tense and they start clashing again. He yells, "Why does it always have to be like this?" He leaves and she flashes to dancing with him. She decides to go for a run to take her mind off him.

Back at the hospital, Eve eavesdrops as Jenn finishes her tirade on Theresa. When Jenn leaves, Theresa explains that Jenn accused her of being responsible for John's vegetative state. Eve thinks up something that will cheer her up and then goes to Jenn to ask for her first check. Jenn says it's at home. Eve demands she go home and get it. She remarks about Abigail's scandal. Jenn tells her not to go there and throws her out. Once Eve leaves, she decides to go to Jenn's, where she can "find her unemployed s*** of a daughter."

JJ and Paige take Paige's boxes from storage. He finds her "lambie" and she admits her father won it for her. She shows him a photo. She doesn't talk about him because it upsets her mother and says he walked out on them. He used to send postcards but eventually they never heard from him again. JJ can tell it still bothers her. He knows how it feels. They start making out. Theresa interrupts. She's there to pick up a photo album and comments on how "hot" it is in there. She thinks JJ should leave. Paige asks JJ to go and once he's gone, she snaps at her aunt and says it wasn't what it looked like. She isn't going to sleep around. Theresa thinks she's being smart.

Jordan runs into Rafe at the park. Abby's applying for the marketing job at the sports complex in West Salem. She asks Rafe to put a good word in for her. Rafe will do what he can. He has no idea why Will wrote that article. At the parkette nearby, Hope gets a cramp during her run. Aiden walks up and offers his assistance.

JJ plays guitar at home when Eve shows up on his doorstep. He panics that Theresa outed him for kissing Paige in the storage unit.

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