Sonny arrives home about to tell Will something. Will snaps that he already knows True Vista hired him because Victor owns the company. He blames this whole fiasco on Sonny. Sonny yells that the article was on Will. He thinks this whole thing was a power trip. "And you enjoyed it." Will yells that his grandma is a psychiatrist. He doesn't need his "glorified barista husband" to tell him what he's thinking. He also doesn't want to be married to anyone who wants to control his life. He runs out.

At TBD, Victor contemplates calling Maggie. Ben gets him a drink and EJ arrives. He tells Vic he ran into Lucas and it turns out Victor owns True Vista. "That article is your doing." Victor understands that issue is doing well. EJ asks if he knows what this is doing to his children. Victor thinks EJ should have thought of that before he 'did' Abigail. He goes and Ben orders EJ to leave. "You're bad for business."

Abigail barges into the DiMera mansion and smacks Sami across the face. Sami shoves her up against the door and calls her all sorts of degrading names. Abby knows she gave up her name to True Vista. Sami gloats, calls her a few more demeaning names, and admits she emailed Will's article to Chad. Abigail says Mr. Shin, the most influential board member at DiMera Enterprises called. He's anxious to talk to her because he thinks Sami's been lying to him. Abby asks Sami to back off or she'll call Shin back. Sami agrees to back off. Abigail hopes Sami and EJ spend the rest of their lives "in this sick and twisted house." She goes and EJ turns up. Sami's putting together a care package for the kids. They discuss what the kids are up to and share a laugh. He again asks for a chance - not to bed her but he'd like to earn the right to hold her hand. She asks him to lunch tomorrow and he beams.

Daniel catches Kristen chatting to John in his hospital room. He can't believe she got bail. He gives her the boot. He threatens to get a restraining order but she just wants to talk. He drags her away and she thanks him. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't have reunited with Brady. She owes him. He tells her to write him a nice thank-you note once she's behind bars.

In the Horton square, Brady flashes to Kristen confessing she thinks of him when she falls asleep at night. He tells Marlena Kristen's not done with them yet. They worry she's gone after John. Marlena makes a call and learns he's alone and going for a CT scan.

Brady arrives at home to Kiriakis manse and eyes the bar. He thinks of Kristen. Maggie arrives. She assumes the stress from Kristen's return must be a trigger and is proud that he hasn't had a drink. Brady says he needs to take in a meeting. They discuss Will's article. Maggie persuades him to go to Jenn and Abigail to lend his support.

Marlena meets Will at the park. He blames his mother for Abby's name showing up in his article. Marlena asks him to take responsibility for his actions. Will brings up his fight with Sonny. Marlena sides with Sonny and reminds her grandson he and his new husband love one another.

Victor stops by Sonny's. Sonny thinks they both screwed up with Will. Victor disagrees and thinks this opportunity will give him more work. Victor leaves to tell Maggie what happened. She's not going to like it. Once he's gone, Will returns. Sonny didn't think he'd come home tonight. Will sneers, "I came home to put my little girl to bed. I don't think we should talk tonight."

Abigail arrives at TBD with a kiss for Ben.

Brady runs to the hospital after Daniel texts that he found Kristen in John's room. They check on John who is fine and Daniel says Kristen wanted to thank him for bringing her back to Brady.

From her hotel, Kristen calls someone, hoping for their help. She thinks back to taking photos of John's chart and sends it to the person on the line.

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