At the DiMera mansion, Sami wants EJ to help her by calling the board. EJ agrees the situation is dire. He says the article her son wrote would have been less damaging had the other woman not been named. Sami hisses about him wanting to protect Abigail. He wonders if she considered how outing Abigail would impact the company. EJ muses that he's been waiting for this day, when she'd come looking for help and he'd tell her to go to hell. Sami knows he doesn't want to see the company crash and burn. EJ mutters that it's her and Kate who will crash and burn. He confronts her about setting out to destroy his life. She admits she's been bad, but wants to focus on their children's legacy. EJ wonders what she's willing to do for help. He leaves and Sami does damage control on the phone.

At Club TBD, Lucas asks for information about the magazine editor by phone. He hangs up and wonders why Sonny isn't with Will. He questions Will suddenly becoming feature writer. Sonny thinks Lucas should talk to Will. Lucas says Will is lucky to have him. As Lucas exits, Sonny whispers, "We'll see about that."

Will invites Abigail into his apartment. She gets angry and emotional as she rants about being exposed in the article. She tells Will she's not a w**** because she didn't take money, but wonders what they paid him for his services rendered. Will weakly replies, "Three thousand dollars." Abigail tells him, "You're exactly like your mother." Later, Lucas learns Victor owns the magazine just as he knocks on Will's door. He mentions this to Will and learns he had no idea. Will asks Lucas to leave and curses Sonny.

Nicole enters John's hospital room, where Eric sits. She insists she didn't follow him, but he isn't buying it. They step out. Nicole assures Eric she doesn't want to hurt him. Eric can hardly stand to look at her. Nicole lashes out about him hating her.

At Brady's Pub, Roman tells Marlena that Kristen's been released. Marlena wonders where she went and they speculate about Stefano bribing the judge. Roman says she's wearing an ankle monitor. Marlena tries unsuccessfully to reach Brady. She calls Eric, who says he's at the hospital and ran into Nicole. Marlena asks him to come to the pub and bring Nicole - it's about Kristen. Later, Nicole and Eric arrive. Nicole tells Marlena she testified against Kristen. Marlena breaks the news that the judge let her go. Roman leaves and Nicole mutters about the DiMeras buying off another judge. Marlena tells Eric it's so wrong for Kristen to go free after all he's been through. Eric is more concerned about Brady. He and Marlena go looking for him. Nicole follows afterward.

Kristen finds Brady shirtless in the park. She beams and says they're together again, at last. Brady's stunned that they let her go. He knows she had Daniel kidnapped and wonders if she brought her goons with her. Kristen insists that was a misunderstanding. Brady mentions Eric and says he's done with her and her lies. Kristen goes on about how she's missed him and insists she'll make things right. Brady opines that some things you can't make right. He talks about his self-destructive behavior after she left. Brady feels he killed his father and says she's equally as dead to him.

Outside Club TBD, Abigail gets a call and replies, "I have nothing to say at this time." Abigail enters the club where Sonny tells her this is all his fault - he got Will the job. Sonny tells her Will didn't put her name in the article. Abigail realizes Sami did it.

Nicole catches up to Eric at the Kiriakis mansion. She's looking for Brady. Eric doesn't want her near him. Nicole moves in close. "You don't know what the hell you want." They nearly kiss and he pushes her out the door.

Outside the pub, Lucas and EJ bicker about the article. Lucas rants about EJ sleeping with Abigail. EJ lashes back about Will's article. Lucas tells EJ that Victor owns the magazine. "You fool."

Abigail stalks into the DiMera mansion and smacks Sami across the face.

Sonny arrives home and Will says he must stop treating him like a child.

In the square, Brady tells Marlena he ran into Kristen but she's gone. Marlena wonders, "Where is she?"

Kristen perches on John's hospital bed. She chattily says she knows what she's going to do next.

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