At the apartment, EJ lays into Will about his lack of ethics. "You're a disgusting little snake." Will shows him the door but EJ makes himself comfortable and crows about the damage his article cost his family. He reminds Will that Lucas spent time in jail for a crime he committed in order to protect him. He brings up the lengths Lucas and Sami went to in order to keep him from going to jail and being separated from Arianna. Will doesn't think it's comparable. He tells EJ that Sami gave Zoe Abigail's name - not him. "She's lying, deceitful and vindictive." He calls EJ as crazy as she is. "You've been doing this knife dance for so long that you think it's normal. Apparently you think it's love." EJ wants to discuss consequences of the article. Will says it's not life and death. EJ's appalled. He didn't even consider his siblings. Will the accolades for the article be worth the price he'll have to pay?

At the DiMera mansion, Sonny reams Sami out for what she did to Will and Abigail. Sami flies off the handle, defending herself. Sonny thinks she's giving EJ a free pass but she sets him straight. They argue about Abby's innocence. Sami doesn't see "that home-wrecking skank" as innocent. Sonny thinks if Will wouldn't have written the article, someone else would have. Sami disagrees. Kate wouldn't have been so candid with anyone but Will. Marlena interrupts and Sami asks Sonny to be there for Will because it's just going to get worse. Sonny leaves. The phone rings off the hook and Marlena asks why she didn't come to her with all of this. Sami didn't want to burden her. She's got this. Marlena's sympathetic. She leaves and Sami drinks and handles the phone.

From the Kiriakis mansion, Brady calls a specialist for his father. He offers to send a private plane but it's not happening. Between that and reading the news about Kristen's bail hearing, he's exasperated.

At the hospital, Anne smiles and jumps up and down with glee while reading Will's article. She shows Daniel. Theresa arrives looking guilty and worried that Daniel's on to her. Anne tells Theresa about the article and wants help rubbing it in. Theresa claims she's too busy. Brady walks up and overhears Abigail's name. He questions the ladies. They discuss the article and Brady says none of them deserved that. Theresa can see he's distracted. Is it because of Kristen? He tells her it's about John. She's supportive. He brings up the annulment papers again and goes.

Abby arrives home and works on a press release with Jennifer.

Back in court, Roman and DA Melinda Trask are shocked that the judge isn't automatically refusing bail for Kristen. Trask provides a statement, hopeful the judge denies bail. Kristen addresses the court. She spins things. She claims she isn't a flight risk and was on her way to Salem when she was abducted. Bail is set at a million dollars - cash. The judge says he'll take the defendant's passport and she'll be fitted with a tracking device. Kristen smiles. Her lawyer, Don, says he's prepared to post bond now. Roman mutters to Trask that Stefano bought the judge. He then goes to Kristen to confront her.

Daniel arrives to Jenn's to check on Abigail. She's grateful. He gives her a pep talk. She goes to see Will and Jenn shows Dan the release. Jenn feels stupid for being Kristen's friend. Daniel reassures her. Kristen really did want to be her friend. He suddenly has to go. He leaves and outside, leans on the door and sighs as does she. Later, Anne arrives with Abby's belongings from work. She provokes Jenn and they get into it. Jenn says she's proud of her daughter. This makes Anne hum and play the air violin.

Marlena arrives at Will's. She wants to understand why he wrote the article. He explains he stood up to her. Clearly she never has. Marlena says it makes no sense. Will's crushed that nobody has said anything positive about his first article being a cover. Marlena leaves and later, he calls Sonny to brag that True Vista's site almost crashed due to all the traffic from his piece.

In the square, EJ grabs Abigail and drags her away to talk. He wants them to spin it so she stays the victim but she refuses to.

Daniel returns to work and overhears Theresa talking about Brady and questions her. She asks him if they can avoid each other and then goads him about Jenn and the family scandal.

EJ returns home. Sami admits everything is falling apart. "You have to help me."

Roman meets Marlena at the Brady's pub. He needs to talk to her about Kristen...

Kristen finds Brady at the park...

Abigail arrives on Will's doorstep.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Will is angry when he learns Sonny's secret.

Abigail slaps Sami.

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