Lucas returns from his Houston trip and meets Jordan at Horton square. He says Sheryl says hello and gives her and Rafe her best. Jordan tells Lucas they broke up because Rafe cheated on her with Kate. Lucas can't believe his ears.

Ben goes to Rafe in the park with an apology for losing control. Rafe asks about Clyde and Ben clams up and goes.

Clyde meets Kate in the parkette and asks her to give him some of Stefano's discrete associates names for his business. Kate asks what he wants them for. Clyde says for 'distribution'. They need good people skills. Kate looks pained. He blackmails her. He won't tell Jordan, Kate, or Ben how she tracked him down in Poplar Bluff if she gives him what he needs. She acquiesces to his demands.

From home, Sonny reams Will out for his lack of integrity. Will's confused. Will reads the article and in shock, explains he never gave True Vista Abigail's name! He realizes Sami did this and is insulted his husband would think he would have hurt Abby this way. Sonny apologizes profusely.

At the Horton homestead, Abigail shares Will's article with JJ and Jenn. Jenn can't believe Will would write this cruel piece on his own cousin. Even Sami doesn't deserve this. Abby apologizes. JJ rushes out. Jenn knows how to fight this. Abigail apologizes again. Jenn tells her to stop it. She's not to blame for broadcasting her mistake.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami reads Will's article. She'd rather be Hilary than Monica. EJ interrupts. What has she done? He spoke with Mr. Shin. He's not happy that Sami lied to keep up appearances and asks for one more chance. She says it's enough she's not throwing things or setting the house on fire. EJ thinks it's a start but she denies it. He receives a text about the article in True Vista and questions Sami about it. Sami tries to explain she attempted to stop it. She called all the board members and the stockholders. She spun it. EJ wished she would have warned him. She claims she was too busy putting fires out. EJ reads and spazzes out when he learns Will wrote it. Sami defends Will. EJ yells that this is going to do so much damage to them and poor... she cuts him off and sneers, "Say it. Poor little Abigail." Sami says if he hadn't slept with her none of this would be happening. They fight. Sami throws things and EJ leaves with Sami threatening to get a restraining order on him again.

JJ barges into Will and Sonny's to confront Will. Will explains he never named Abigail but JJ barks that he exposed her even if they didn't use her name. He leaves and Will calls Zoe to grill her about changing his article without his consent. Nothing can be done so they hang up. Sonny accuses Will of being wussy. Will asks to cut Zoe slack. It's her call to make. Sonny says they'll get through this. He has to go to the club.

Rafe meets Lucas at the Brady's pub. Lucas can't believe Rafe had sex with his mom. He thinks there could still be a chance for Rafe and Jordan because of Jordan's demeanor when they spoke. He urges Rafe not to give up. Rafe goes and Kate arrives. Lucas spits that Sheryl is still barely on speaking terms with him. He has heard about her corporate takeover and how she screwed Jordan over by sleeping with Rafe. He gets in her face. "How drunk was he?" Kate finds that question rude but Lucas knows it happened the night Rafe was upset about Gabi. He asks her to leave Rafe alone. He and Jordan had something good. Kate tells him to focus more on his son. She asks him to read the latest article in True Vista.

Jordan sees Ben at the square and tells him people are calling Abigail names on PalPage. He runs off. Clyde walks up and offers to go to therapy with her. She could never put what happened to her behind her. She walks away. Rafe turns up and she runs for it.

Ben arrives at Abby's to provide support. The media arrives and Jenn gets Ben and Abigail to leave through the back door. Jenn tries to get the press to go and when JJ returns he gives them the boot. Jenn can barely breathe.

In the park, Abby admits she is embarrassed. Ben's proud that she hasn't run away from this mess. They kiss.

Sonny arrives at the mansion to confront Sami.

EJ goes to Will's. Will has nothing to say to him. "Tough," EJ says, curling his lips.

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