From home, Sonny calls Will. He's on edge because Will's article is still not live. They hang up and Abby arrives with Arianna. Sonny comments on how happy Abby seems. She's glad the whole EJ fiasco is behind her. She runs off and Sonny looks uneasy. Will arrives and Sonny urges his husband to give Abigail a heads up about the article before it goes live so Will calls her. He tells her he was hired at True Vista as a writer and wrote the cover which will be out today. She's proud of him but gets another call and has to hang up. Will runs out and Sonny refreshes True Vista's website. The article is live. He reads it and when Will returns he asks how the hell he could have done 'that'.

Mary Beth finds JJ and Paige playing with Parker at the park. She's rude and Paige calls her out on it. Mary Beth repeats her usual tirade about JJ not being a good guy and saunters off. Paige wonders why he didn't stand up for himself. He respects her friendship with Mary Beth.

At Eve's, she whines and complains when Jennifer and Aiden tell her to get her lawyer over there. Her lawyer arrives moments later. He reads the offer and can see it's worse than the last one. She'll get a piece of the book and movie money but has no say in who writes or directs the film. In lieu, Maggie and Victor Kiriakis will pay her off. Her lawyer tells her to take it so Eve begrudgingly signs. Aiden goes and Jenn sticks around to point out to Eve that she's not to speak in public about Jack or the movie. Eve understands the terms of the gag order. Jenn will get in touch with the first check. She goes and Eve growls.

Brady orders water at the Brady's pub. Theresa arrives. She'll contact him when she hears from "the people in Nevada" regarding their annulment. She's sorry to hear Kristen's back. Brady says he won't confront her. His focus is on his dad. He has several specialists coming to examine his father. He goes and Theresa looks guilty. She orders a shot of vodka and reads an incoming text from Eve, demanding her presence.

At the hospital, Daniel wonders what Nicole did to make Eric, someone who doesn't hate anyone, hate her. Daniel says they'll never be friends again. She tears up and he walks away.

Outside the courtroom, Eric runs into Kristen. She thinks it's unfair that he won't reconsider and return to the priesthood. Eric's astounded. He heads in and Kristen follows. DA Melinda Trask questions Eric about the night he was raped. He says he has no personal recollection of what happened to him because he was injected with a memory suppressant. He saw it all on video. He testifies that he later saw Kristen who told him she had no regrets. "My world was lost to me and she had no regrets." Kristen decides not to provide a rebuttal. Eric leaves and Kristen's charged with 4 counts of assault, 2 counts of battery, hindering investigation, evading arrest, 1 count of violating another person's civil rights, evasion of privacy, conspiracy, 3 counts of use of restricted pharmaceuticals, and 1 count of rape. She pleads not guilty. Trask asks the court to refuse bail. Kristen's a flight risk with means. The judge wants to discuss that further.

Daniel arrives at the park. JJ had to leave for home but Paige says she can babysit anytime he likes.

Aiden and Jenn are at her place when JJ arrives. Jenn tells him, "Case closed." He's happy.

Theresa arrives at Eve's. She reads the signed offer and is happy. It's a lot of money. Eve screams about Jenn being a b****. She rants about Jenn crowing about her triumphs to everyone including Daniel. Theresa can see she's still into Daniel. Eve denies it but pronounces that JJ's got to go.

Nicole checks in on Brady at the Kiriakis mansion. She learned he sent in written testimony against Kristen so he wouldn't have to see her. She confides that she confronted Kristen. Brady doesn't want to hear about it. Eric arrives. It's tense.

Back in the park, Paige is excited when JJ texts the good news. She runs off and Daniel thinks of Jenn. Theresa arrives and asks him to help Brady see that a miracle with John won't happen. Daniel wonders if she's hiding something about that night.

At the square, Abigail reads the cover of Will's article, surprised he wrote about Sami and EJ.

Abigail arrives home almost in tears. Concerned, Jenn questions her.

Paige arrives home, squeeing about the offer Eve signed for. She hopes they can all be friends.

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