At the Brady's pub, Hope asks Aiden why he deliberately misled her about dating Jenn. He sighs. He did it for her. He likes her but he's not looking to get into a relationship. She asks if that's his way of letting her down gently. He reminds her she's a married woman. She also calls herself a grown up. They agree this was all for naught but each stares at the other and then suddenly talks up how busy they are. They part ways.

Mary Beth makes cutting remarks to JJ at Horton square, blaming him for Paige staying in Salem. JJ tells her to keep walking. Once she's gone, Rory drools. She's hot when she's mad.

At home, Paige assumes her mother put Aunt Theresa up to dropping by. She also accuses her of calling Stanford and telling them she may change her mind about deferring this fall. Eve knows she's caught and doesn't know what to say. All Paige wants is to be heard. She goes to meet JJ. Eve gets on a call with Stanford which goes nowhere. Her lawyer calls. He needs more money. She's pissed.

Eric finds Jenn at the hospital. He has to reschedule a shoot. He's testifying against Kristen in front of the grand jury. Eric tells her he was welcomed back into the priesthood but decided against it. He doesn't want to get into it.

Brady finds Daniel and Parker playing at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady's glad Daniel got Kristen back to Salem and if he can help it, will never be in the same room with "that b****" for as long as he lives. Victor and Maggie arrive with hugs. Maggie cries, glad her son's fine. Dan asks his mom to give Jenn some support over this lawsuit since he can't. Nearby, Brady hopes Victor will let the justice system do their thing. Daniel leaves and Brady assures Vic and Maggie that he'll be fine. Marlena made him see that it was best not to go to Kristen. He's been to two meetings since she arrived. He admits this is his worst day sober. Vic and Maggie are very supportive. Once he toddles off to another meeting, Maggie and Victor discuss helping Jenn with Eve. She'd like to go ahead with their plan.

Nicole finds Kristen at SPD. Kristen assumes Nicole sung like a canary before the grand jury. Nicole sure did. She recounts all that has happened because of Kristen. Kristen reminds her it's her fault that Eric's name wasn't cleared a long time ago. They get in each other's faces. Eventually the cops order Nicole out.

Paige sees Daniel and Parker playing at the park. She brings up Eve hitting on him. She worries it made her look bad by association. Dan doesn't see it that way. JJ walks up. Daniel's paged so Paige and JJ offer to babysit while he's at work. JJ confesses he wasn't very nice to Parker when Jenn first dated Daniel. Paige reminds him that's all in the past.

Aiden arrives at Jenn's. He tells her Hope got the wrong idea that they're more than friends. Jenn is sure she didn't. "Because you and Hope are just friends right?" Aiden stammers that they are, but he's not very convincing. Maggie shows up with an offer to pay Eve off. Jenn is grateful but they've a really strong case. Jenn asks Aiden to draw up an insurance policy before she decides.

Back at the pub, Hope tells Brady who Kristen hired to defend her. Brady hopes she doesn't skate or he'll wring her neck himself.

At home, Eric finds a photo of himself in his vestments he's to give to the grand jury. He looks at photos of himself kissing Nicole and fantasizes she's there kissing him.

Eric meets Dan at TBD and tells him the cardinal cleared his name but he refused to go back to the priesthood. Dan asks if this has something to do with Nicole. Is he in love with her? Eric admits he hates her.

Aiden and Jenn drop by Eve's with an offer. "This deal has an expiration date. It's today. So you need to go over this document with your lawyer today and sign it today, so we can put this behind us, today. Or we're going to court."

Nicole arrives at the hospital to interview a patient for a story. She sees Daniel and tells him she testified and put a nail in Kristen's coffin. He's angry with her.

Brady returns to the pub and the bartender offers to get his usual vodka on the rocks. Brady sighs.

Eric comes face to face with Kristen, outside the courtroom.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Abby gets a shock when she reads Will's article.

Eve makes a decision regarding Jenn's offer.

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