Theresa reads the news about Kristen's arrest at the Brady's pub. Eve arrives asking her sister to reunite with Paige and talk to her about JJ. After a little blackmail reminder, Theresa agrees.

At the Horton square, Paige tells Mary Beth about her plans to attend Salem U for a year. Mary Beth accuses her of doing this to "be with that loser, JJ." Paige asks her friend to stop trashing JJ. Eve texts and Paige has to go. She leaves and Mary Beth finds Eve. They discuss Paige. Eve doesn't think they should discount Stanford just yet.

At the Horton home, Hope asks about Jenn's date with Aiden in front of JJ. Before Jenn can discuss it, Aiden arrives. Jenn pulls JJ outside and tells him she and Aiden are just friends. Back inside, Hope looks uncomfortable as she and Aiden discuss Kristen's arrest. Aiden says he's starting to think of Daniel as a friend. Jenn returns and Aiden takes off. Jenn asks what's going on. Hope thinks Jenn and Aiden are moving too fast. Jenn says they're just friends and notices this bothers her cousin. Hope muses that it's too soon after Daniel but Jenn says they're through.

Abigail wheels Arianna into the park and gets a hot flash when she sees a shirtless Ben stretching. He asks to tag along.

Will arrives home and Sonny thinks he's trying to avoid Abigail because he named her as EJ's mistress in his article. Will denies doing that and brings up Sami getting what she deserves. Sonny's worried about the fallout from the article and puzzled why it's not up yet. Will makes a call and learns the article's going through a final tweak.

At the DiMera compound, Sami arranges to send her kids on a camping trip so they're out of the house when all hell breaks loose. Kate laughs. EJ arrives and they clam up. They discuss Kristen and mock EJ for giving Sami his word that she's dead to him. EJ goes for a run. When he's gone, Kate tells Sami that EJ warned that Stefano's going to put a hit out on them. Sami worries but Kate tries to reassure her. Sami tells her about the magazine article Will wrote. Kate realizes Will duped her. She gave him the scoop. Kate says this could be a disaster. Sami offers to do damage control. Kate thinks it's time to worry about Stefano now. She goes and Sami calls Mr. Shin with the news about the article. She says she and EJ have since made up. He seems appeased.

Ben and Abigail make out at the park when EJ jogs up. It's awkward and EJ lets Ben know that Abigail was an innocent in the affair and they've been over a long time. He hopes they can be civil. He jogs off and Ben credits himself for not knocking the living daylights out of EJ.

Eve and Mary Beth spot JJ at the square. Mary Beth tells Eve about Rory. Meanwhile, Rory asks JJ to party with him tomorrow night. JJ's not into it. Eve walks up and flirts with Rory. He goes and Eve picks on JJ for pressuring Paige to stay in Salem. She leaves and Rory returns. He isn't sure who is hotter. JJ's mom or Eve Larson.

Auntie Theresa drops by Paige's with a Stanford t-shirt. She knows Paige is dating JJ and gushes that it's the best thing ever. She assumes Eve doesn't want her hooking up with a party animal like JJ. "If you and JJ ever get arrested or you're broke down in Tijuana, call me." She leaves and outside, giggles. Eve arrives and Paige confronts her mother for sending Aunt Theresa over.

Kate arrives at Will and Sonny's looking for answers. Will feels justified about telling the truth. Kate says he's jeopardizing all that she and Sami have worked for. It was deceitful. Will says he learned from the best. He's sorry she got caught up in this. He loves her. She loves him too but is sorry they turned out to be so much alike.

EJ returns home from his run and Sami brings up sending the kids to camp. He likes the idea. He asks if she’s going to throw him out. She sees no reason why he should leave. EJ goes and thinks to himself that she's up to something. Meanwhile, Sami wonders what EJ's reaction will be when he learns what Will did.

Outside of the Brady's pub, Hope runs into Aiden and brings up his date with Jenn. Aiden says she had to cancel but it wasn't a 'date date'. Hope wonders why she thought it was. Aiden insists he has no idea. He goes inside and to herself, Hope says, "Oh I think you do, Mr. Jennings."

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