Sami starts to read Will's article with Zoe at Mandalay. When she realizes her son wrote it, she's proud. When she reads on, shock appears on her face. She can't believe her son would write this and offers to pay Zoe not to publish it. Zoe refuses.

Sonny and Will bask in the afterglow of love-making when Adrienne drops by. They dress and tell her his article is about to be published in True Vista. She's proud of her son-in-law. Adrienne's about to mention how Titan owns that magazine when Sonny escorts her out on an errand. Later, Sami shows up ranting about the scandalous article. She yells to Sonny that Lizzie Borden would have come out sounding better. She accuses him of putting Will up to it but Will says Sonny was against it. Sonny gives them space Will defends his article. He tried to get her to listen. She tells him, "I'm Sami DiMera and I don't play victim." Will begs to differ. That's exactly how she's been behaving. Will asks her to talk to Grandma Marlena about this but she can't. Sami thought they were in a good place. Why did he do this? He tells her it was an assignment - a cover. He also wanted to teach her a lesson. Sami knows she made a billion mistakes but all she has ever done was to try to protect him. She knows he will one day regret writing that article.

At TBD, Abby tells Ben she is sure Clyde's not in Salem to ruin his and Jordan's lives. Ben says not to listen to anything Clyde says. Abby says Clyde admitted to being a terrible father but he has changed. Ben wonders what the catch is. Abby thinks people can change. Adrienne arrives with a package for Ben and he goes off while Adrienne asks for forgiveness with her meddling when she told Jennifer about Abigail hanging around EJ. She doesn't want to be known as nosy. Abigail's fine with it. She says EJ is in the past. Sonny arrives and privately, Adrienne assumes Sonny got Will the job at True Vista. He admits it but thinks Will can show his talents on his own. Sonny tells her what the article is about and she gasps.

Clyde and Jeremiah meet at the park. Jeremiah wonders if it's a good idea to expand their business to Salem. Clyde hopes he can handle it and says his family's there and he doesn't plan on losing them again. He whittles wood while twangy music plays. They talk about Kate, "that classy broad" helping them with her connections. Later, Ben shows up and warns his father to stay away from Abigail. Clyde insists he has had therapy and has changed but Ben is disbelieving.

In the woods, Jordan tells Rafe his apology means a lot. He wishes he was the one to tell her the truth and is glad she has her brother there to lean on. Clyde's name is brought up and she doesn't want to discuss him. Rafe hopes they're getting back on track and asks her to take time to figure things out.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tries to warn Kate about antagonizing Stefano. He reminds her that when pushed, Stefano pushes back. Hard. Kate knows. Is he warning that Stefano will take a hit out on her and Sami? "What do you think," EJ deadpans. Kate's not afraid. Stefano calls her daily and seems almost to admire what they've gotten away with. They discuss EJ's choice not to get his sister out of jail. Kate doesn't think Stefano will like it but EJ thinks he'd be more interested in the companies she and Sami put out of business and asks Kate to worry about those who ran them.

Outside the Brady's pub, EJ makes a call. Once they've the new product and employees in place, they'll be open for business. He spots Rafe inside and heads in. He asks Rafe if his break-up with Jordan was over Sami. He learns Jordan did the dumping.

Abigail meets Jordan at the square. Jordan fills her in on her talk with Rafe. She's confused. Abby thinks it's a shame to throw it all away on one terrible mistake.

At True Vista, Zoe calls someone about changing Will Horton's article references to EJ's mistress from 'anonymous' to Abigail Deveraux. Zoe'll tell the writer about it later.

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