Clyde stops Abby at the Horton square, wanting to discuss his relationship with Ben. He calls himself a terrible father. That's why his kids want nothing to do with him. It's haunted him since they took off. Clyde's glad Ben has Abigail. Abby says they're taking things slow. Clyde knows she was upset when Ben displayed anger for him and says his kids have a right to their anger. He goes on about driving two hours to see a therapist years ago to help with his own anger and says he learned his kids don't owe him forgiveness.

Jordan goes to Ben at TBD and mopes. She's been listening to Rafe's old voicemails like a teenager. He urges her to talk to Rafe.

Rafe meets Kate at the Brady's pub and is skeptical when Kate says she hopes he has worked things out with Jordan. Rafe suggests her feelings for him go deeper than friendship. She attempts to justify taking Stefano down for the sake of friendship. She wishes she could help make Jordan see that she doesn't need a man to help her feel relevant. She won't forgive herself if she's ruined things for them. Rafe assures her whatever happens it won't be her fault. She agrees to keep her distance. They hug and he goes. Clyde walks up. "Isn't that the fella my little girl is dating?" Kate says it is and asks him not to tell Jordan that she went to Poplar Bluff to see him. She might misinterpret her motives. Clyde gets it.

At home, Will lets Sonny know his article was a hit. It'll be printed any day now. Sonny doesn't think Sami deserves to be blind-sided. Will he give his mom a heads up? Will says no and brings up Sami lying to Adrienne about Justin messing around. Sonny doesn't like it but imagines Sami did it in order to justify her anger for Abigail. Will doesn't think that's a good excuse and wants his article to serve as a wake-up call. Later, they toast with champagne and make love. Will wonders how he got so lucky to have someone stumble upon his blog.

EJ finds Sami at home. She says she's still getting the restraining order so "you should pack your bags, dirtbag." He tells her he didn't take Kristen's case. "She is dead to me," EJ says. Sami doesn't believe him. He wants to stay in the mansion. Sami barks that she'll never forgive him. EJ muses that if she kicks him out, it'll become public fodder. She needs discretion since the board thinks he was agreeable to her taking over as CEO. If they pull out, she'll be left with no company to use against him. Sami grudgingly agrees to let him stay. She takes a call from Mr. Shin, who wants to talk to EJ. Sami's forced to hand over the phone. EJ brags about how well Sami's doing and once he hangs up, Sami says not to get used to that. EJ says she's playing a dangerous game. Rosemary calls and Sami runs off as Kate arrives. EJ wants to discuss something important.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Marlena tells Brady Kristen's back. She fills him in on Daniel's kidnapping and Kristen's arrest. On edge, Brady decides to have it out with her. They rush to SPD.

Brady bursts into SPD with Marlena. He badgers a cop to bring Kristen to him. Inside Hope's office, Kristen calls Stefano for help. She blames Daniel for ruining her perfect plan. Stefano argues that Daniel saved EJ and Chad's lives. She rants about EJ turning his back on her. There's going to be a steep price to pay. Outside, Marlena reins Brady in and tells him he's playing right into Kristen's hands. They leave while Kristen wonders why Brady hasn't shown up yet.

Rafe takes a call at the square. "Kristen DiMera behind bars? That's two DiMeras in one month. It's like Christmas in August." He hangs up and flashes to good times with Jordan. He jogs away. Nearby, Sami meets with Will's editor, Zoe Browning. Zoe hands her Will's article. She wants her to have a chance to read it before it went to print.

Abby arrives at TBD. They discuss her job search and how she has no references. He shows her how to make a few drinks and she tells him she saw his dad earlier.

Rafe jogs by Jordan in the park.

Marlena and Brady arrive at the Kiriakis mansion. She's glad he understands that there's no point in seeing Kristen. Brady will show up in court but that's it. He's concentrating on his dad. He won't give up on him.

Clyde meets Jeremiah at the parkette. The run from Poplar Bluff was easy and the truck was bigger than the one their last. Clyde says he'll put a local crew together.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Clyde makes a deal with his son.

Rafe once again tries to get through to Jordan.

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